Draghi Has The Almost Unanimous Support Of Italian Parties

2021-02-10   |   by CusiGO

Mario Draghi accomplished what seemed impossible in a week, and got almost unanimous support from Italian political parties to form a government. Only the brothers from Italy – perhaps they will abstain – and the members’ decision to approve the five-star movement left loose ends. Draghi is due to visit Sergio matarella, President of the Republic, from Wednesday to Thursday to make a list of ministers and start a process that could end next Monday, when a vote will be held in the house of Representatives.

The success of the Draghi operation was confirmed on Tuesday due to the lack of some final hurdles. The former banker succeeded in giving each participant something he wanted to hear that could be sold to his constituents. From the environment and citizen income to grillinos, to the Democratic Party (PD) schools, to the coalition’s commitment not to raise taxes. Draghi made the balance. But parties seem more inclined than ever to believe what the former ECB president has said. They don’t know if they’ll like the priest, because Draghi has been covering up the letter.

This Tuesday is also the day of the great return. Notably, Silvio Berlusconi, who has not traveled for more than a year, arrived in Rome in the morning with a private jet, violating the advice of doctors and lawyers, who recently avoided some old lawsuits on health grounds and announced that he would attend. “The president is in good shape, which is a clear sign of Italy’s participation in this agreement, and he came to see Draghi,” the source said of his environment. Cavalier, who claims to be a part of Draghi’s career in Italian and European institutions, warmly welcomed Draghi on Tuesday.

Berlusconi has captured every spotlight of the day. During the pandemic, he was admitted to hospital for kovid-19 and heart disease. He looks a little tired, his voice is a little hoarse, and sometimes he can’t breathe to finish reading his words. “I have confirmed our support to Draghi and asked him to elect some high-profile people through autonomous elections, taking into account the demands of the party. This is not the birth of the political majority of the opposing party. This is a response to a serious emergency that will last until the time required to overcome this health, social and economic crisis. A credible response to the world and Europe. We will do our part with loyalty and constructive spirit. “The seriousness of this moment requires everyone to give up electoral strategy and interests and put saving the country first,” he said.

The five-star movement once again took part in a meeting with the comedian Beppe Grillo at the head of the delegation. There was almost no conflict with Berlusconi, who was a nemesis. He made Berlusconi grow up in the square of Italy and established an anti system movement, which basically attacked the political era of ilcavalier. On Tuesday, Raji reconfirmed his support for the new chief executive. But there is a final edge: voting for militancy on what the party calls Rousseau’s opaque platform.

These negotiations have never gone against the will of its owners, casaleggio associates, the company that founded the party. The results are not expected before Thursday, depending on Draghi’s response to republic president Sergio matarella. Vito crimi, the interim leader of the Greeks, did not explicitly agree, but repeatedly did. “We found something important in Draghi’s proposal. The government’s actions will focus on the transformation of environment and energy. We insist on the idea of a super government that coordinates all investment activities and uses the environment as a filter. ”

After the most dramatic twist in recent years, the League also confirmed that it would support Draghi’s inauguration and join his government. Once again, Savigny is in line with the future Prime Minister on most issues. Even in the “spirit of Europe.”. “We say no to austerity, no to stability agreements, no to the 3% deficit, tears, blood and sacrifice.” His party, along with the Democratic Party and Berlusconi, is the party least suspicious of supporting the new executive.