Haiti Is Experiencing A New Round Of Political Violence And Social Chaos

2021-02-09   |   by CusiGO

Haiti’s current political and social crisis is further unmanageable, as president euvennell moise announced a coup attempt against him on Sunday and confirmed his intention to remain in power until February 2022. Moses’s response was in response to weeks of violent demonstrations in different cities in the country, demanding his resignation on the grounds that he ended his term of office this weekend.

Before leaving for JAMEL, Moses made a speech at Port au Prince airport. JAMEL is one of the most famous carnivals in the Caribbean. Despite the pandemic and turmoil, carnivals will still be held to try to return to normal. “Someone tried to kill me,” the president said, referring to a so-called plot that began on November 20.

However, Moses was not limited to media criticism. He announced the arrest of 23 people and accused them of trying to murder him. Among the detainees are supreme court judge yvickel dabr é ZIL, an opposition supporter who, if Moyes steps down, will become interim president and remain in power until the election. According to the authorities, judge dabrezier even had a copy of his inaugural address.

The arrest was aimed at suppressing an opposition movement on the streets and in institutions trying to overthrow the government of the poorest country in the United States. The opposition asked him to step down on the grounds that his term would end on Sunday. As far as Moses is concerned, he has repeatedly said that his five-year term will end in February 2022.

The political roots of the conflict lie in the fierce elections in 2017. Michelle Martelli ended his term a year ago, but chaotic elections forced him to appoint an interim president for a year until Moses came to power. According to Francisco fern á ndez, an adviser to the president, in an interview with the country in Port au Prince, “the streets are full of violent groups with no more than 30 people, creating violence and uncertainty.”. “There is an attempt to launch a coup. The opposition wants to count the first year, but the first year is led by another interim president, who is also a member of the opposition, “sola’s political adviser said.

The opposition also denounced the president’s authoritarian shift since he dissolved Parliament and passed a decree to take power a year ago, triggering criticism. At the same time, there has been a surge in violence and kidnapping in the country, which is a major fear for the population affected by violent groups.

According to consulting experts, this is one of the most tense situations in recent years in a country that has lived on power lines for decades. Since the overthrow of the Duvalier Dynasty 35 years ago, Haiti has the most government in Latin America in the shortest time. Since 1986, there have been 20 different presidents, from generals to acting ministers. Given Moyes’s weakness on the street, his tenure is more delicate, because in a country of 11 million people, he was barely elected with 600000 votes.

Milo milfort, a journalist from the capital, described the country as “the whole weekend, activities were paralyzed, streets were empty, traffic was paralyzed, the situation was very tense and the people were generally frightened.”. “All indications are that the protests will increase in the next few days and may increase repression, although the opposition has begun to arrest the 23 people for their persecution,” the reporter explained.

With the street uprising and the mobilization of the opposition, Moses’ main support came from the international community, mainly the United States. Donald Trump, 52, is the son of a businessman and a poor seamstress. Under his close relationship with Donald Trump, he has the support of Joe Biden’s new government. Biden’s team believes that his management will last until 2022. This is supported by the caucus, which is a group of countries including the United States, Canada, France, Spain or Germany. In December, however, the caucus, together with the United Nations and the organization of American States (OAS), criticized the authoritarian tendencies of Moses’ recent decrees, which were used to establish an intelligence agency and to characterize sabotage as “terrorism”.

According to Olga regueira, a Spanish resident who has worked for the cooperation agency in Haiti for 13 years, the international community supports Moses because his downfall “could mean instability in an important geopolitical region of the Caribbean,” she explained to this newspaper. Located near Cuba, between Miami and Venezuela, Haiti is an important place for drug trafficking and immigration in the United States. Regella said there has always been “instability” in Haiti, but never has so many weapons been distributed to the people as now. There are at least 76 armed groups in the country that are not political or ideological, but are designed to rob and kidnap, with little money, and are made up of gang members who are more powerful than the country itself. ” He concluded: “the president is a timid man, acting under a large crowd of escorts, and the opposition is a corrupt, hopeless mixture of families who have always controlled the economy.”.