Sexual Extortion Of Activists Is On The Rise In Morocco

2021-02-07   |   by CusiGO

Fuad abdelmumi, a 62 year old activist, claimed that he had been subjected to sexual blackmail for nearly a year by “Mafia groups linked to Morocco.”. He argued that his case was not the only one in which the government tried to suppress the intellectual elite by invading the privacy of the victims. His testimony came against the background of international humanitarian organizations such as human rights watch, Amnesty International and Reporters Without Borders demanding the release of some of the prisoners detained in recent months.

In its 2021 report, Human Rights Watch noted that Morocco has stepped up its “repression” of those who “express critical views of the monarchy.”. Some of them were arrested on “suspicious charges,” such as “extramarital sex.”. The Moroccan authorities issued a communiqu é in which they categorically denied the charges and accused the organization of using means to defend human rights.

Abdelmumni, an economist specializing in microfinance, was chairman of the transparency Council of the Moroccan NGO from 2016 to 2018 and is now a member of the board of directors of the organization. He is one of the few voices in Morocco that openly oppose the majz é n policy, It’s a way of suggesting the palace.

In an article entitled “sex, lies and videos” published by the economist weekly last week, Abdel Mooney pointed out that at least a dozen people, including Islamists and progressives, have been subjected to defamation campaigns in institutions close to national security agencies.

Abdelmumni explained in a statement to the paper that in February 2020, when she was about to get married, her in laws and several close people received seven illegally recorded video sequences in their home. In these photos, she has sex with her partner.

In Morocco, premarital sex is punished by the criminal code. “After watching these videos,” abdelmuni said, “it’s clear that the cameras they recorded are embedded in the air conditioning in the living room and bedroom. I think when they decided to release videos, they took them away. The message is clear: either I shut up or they keep sending the tape. All of this has been accompanied by a campaign of defamation in digital media. ”

Asked who he thought recorded and played the videos, the activist replied: “these recordings require an extraordinary ability to get in and out of people’s homes without leaving fingerprints. Installing cameras, remote recording, downloading recordings, identifying dozens of phone numbers for the next video… That’s not what anyone can do. ”

Abdelmumni linked this factor to others: “according to WhatsApp and citizen lab, my mobile phone has been installed with Pegasus spyware (Israeli software used by intelligence agencies in dozens of countries) since at least April. In addition, I have been slandered and intimidated in many media nearby. Power. This can only be achieved through the means and coverage that national institutions can provide. ”

After the video was broadcast, abdelmuni decided to remain silent for a while. “I spent months thinking about what I should do. Because the house they carved is a beach villa in sjirat, where there are a lot of family and friends. I know that if I continue to express myself, I can pay a price; friends and family who come to this house can also pay a price. ”

“The people who have taken these videos,” continued abdelmuni, “have proved that they have no scruples. It’s easy for them to prove that they broke into your house and violated your privacy. Just because she’s my roommate! I don’t think we’re aware of the atrocities of Mafia behavior in this country, and worst of all, it’s not handled by one person. This is the neck of a nation’s elite. ”

The activist went on to point out that it is easy to see who is the victim of blackmail. “Sometimes people suddenly disappear from public life and can no longer be heard. And then there are people who are suddenly on the side of the regime. ” The activist referred to the case of Nadia Yassin, the daughter of Abdallah Yassin, the leader of the late al ADL wal IHSAN movement, which did not recognize Muhammad VI’s spiritual authority as a believer commentator. “Nadia Yassin disappeared from public after a photo of her with a man was exposed.”

According to the activist, even under the rule of Hasan II, the father of Muhammad VI, this “mode of conduct” was not carried out. “I was imprisoned for the first time when I was 19 years old. At that time, people were tortured and disappeared for many years. I don’t think it’s possible to go back to the horrors of that era. But what we didn’t know at the time was that they attacked people’s privacy with false sexual accusations and mafia means. ”

Abdelmuni claims he is used to being watched and followed by secret police. “Even in a democracy, people expect things like this. But when you infiltrate these spying methods into your home and mobile phones and other devices; when you spread certain content on WhatsApp or Internet sites to intimidate people, I think they go beyond certain limits, “he insisted. He explained that he decided to give up his silence in October and issue a statement on Facebook to defend the historian Maati monyib against police charges of money laundering. Finally, monyib was arrested on 29 December and held in pretrial detention. “Moib is a man of integrity. His integrity is a thousand times that of the best representative of this regime. It is intolerable to put him in prison and charge him with money laundering. ”

On January 28, monyib was sentenced to one year’s imprisonment by another court for “fraud and endangering national security.”. The latter process dates back to 2015, when monyib was coordinating a project funded by the Dutch NGO free press unlimited to encourage the use of the story maker phone app, which allows anonymous so-called citizen journalism.

Monyib has repeatedly complained about libel campaigns in Pro state media. Moroccan judicial authorities issued a statement opposing the “politicization” of the trial in moib, claiming that prisoners were given a fair trial and all legal guarantees.

“When these movements against Islamists began,” he stressed, “some left wingers did not think they were evil, because deep down in their hearts, the state was attacking their ideological enemies. When these attacks were against Islamists, Saharans, Marxists, ultra liberals, we kept silent. They attack small groups… Everyone says, “as long as they don’t come to me, it’s OK.” But in the end, we find ourselves fascinated by a Mafia style regime. ”

In July 2020, more than 100 journalists in Morocco signed a manifesto against the media’s “insulting, defaming and defaming” of professionals and activists whose voices haunt those “close to power”. The Manifesto referred to the case of Omar Ladi, a 33 year old journalist, and Suleiman rasoni, a 47 year old columnist. The two have been in pre-trial detention since July. Ladi was charged with rape and endangering national security. Ruisuni was charged with sexual assault last July.

Journalist taufic buachr í n, editor and owner of ajbar al yaum newspaper, has been jailed since 2018 and sentenced to 12 years in prison for sexual crimes such as rape and attempted rape.

Journalist Hajar raisuni, 30, the niece of columnist Suleiman raisuni, was sentenced to one year in 2018 on charges of abortion and illegitimate relationship. After an international dispute, King Muhammad VI pardoned her after serving a month and a half of her sentence.