Biden Believes Trump Should Not Get Intelligence Because Of His “Unstable Behavior.”.

2021-02-06   |   by CusiGO

US President Joe Biden believes that his White House predecessor, Donald Trump, should not have access to the intelligence normally available to former presidents because of his “eccentric behavior.”. In these statements, which he made in his first interview with a television president, the Democratic president went further than the issue that his administration has been discussing recently, that is, whether secret service personnel should be consulted.

“I just don’t think it’s necessary for trump to have an intelligence briefing,” Biden told CBS. “What’s the value of giving him this information? What impact does he have, except what he might miss one day? The president said.

In the interview, Biden referred to the “unstable behavior” of his predecessor “not related to the rebellion”, referring to the attack on the Capitol building on January 6 last year, which triggered the action of a large number of followers, At Trump’s instigation, Democrats will defend themselves in the impeachment trial in the Senate next week. Norah O’Donnell, an interviewer for the show, asked Biden about her past statements, in which she pointed out that trump was a threat to survival, and Biden said she still believed that.

From the procedure of launching the atomic bomb to the information of arms development and intelligence operations, all presidents have given up their power and held state secrets. During his presidency, trump disclosed confidential information to attack his opponents or intimidate other rulers.

This, coupled with his denial of the legitimacy of the new president and his resentment over a part of the country that is alleged to have conspired to oust him, has led former officials and analysts to express their concerns since the White House took over on January 20. Whether trump intentionally divulges confidential information or not.