Marjorie Taylor Green: An Extreme Congressman Who Puts The Republican Party In Front Of The Specter

2021-02-04   |   by CusiGO

With the shadow of Donald Trump fading away, Republican congressmen have to face the spectre of a radical movement that has been disconnected for the past four years. More than anyone else, the specter shows that newly elected congressman Marjorie Taylor green (47, Mildred Javier, Ga.) is an extremist, and legislators will have to make public their position on Thursday and choose with lights and stenographers, If they stop the conspiracy to poison American politics, or if they give in to rogue bases, they are still fueling the Republican election machine today.

Democrats, who hold a majority in the house of Representatives, said a complete spiral was enough and announced on Thursday that they would vote to remove the congressman from the parliamentary committee. This is a clever move that will force Republicans to take a public stand.

Last November, Marjorie Taylor Greene won a seat in Georgia’s house of Representatives, in part because in a statement she held an assault rifle and warned “anti French terrorists” not to “set foot in northwest Georgia.”, On another occasion, he carried the same rifle, and next to a collage, he painted pictures of Alexandria ocacio Cortes and other young left-wing MPs. Now is the time, the candidate said, “for powerful conservative Christians to start attacking socialists who want to divide our country.” He beat his Democratic opponent with 74% of the vote. His activities in Congress this month focused on walking around wearing a mask that said “trump won,” falsely claiming repeatedly that the Republicans actually won the November election by a landslide, and drafting some unimportant articles impeaching President Joe Biden, The day after he was sworn in, he claimed “abuse of power.”.

Green said he supported many far right conspiracy theories, including canon and pisagat, saying that the democratic and Hollywood elites were cannibals of paedophiles and Satanists, or that the Clintons murdered 50 of their associates. The congressman also argued that the recent forest fire in California may have been caused by a space laser controlled by Jewish bankers, based on activities that jewels has revealed on social media in recent weeks. He shared a video in which a Holocaust denier claimed that “Zionist supremacists orchestrated a movement to promote immigration and interbreeding.”. He described the outcome of the 2018 legislation as an “Islamic invasion.”. He supports some calls to assassinate Democratic political leaders and often sees school shootings such as parkland (Florida, 2018) and Sandy Hook (Connecticut, 2012) as behind the gun control legislation.

Republican congressmen have been busy studying how to retaliate against one of their congressmen. But not green, but Liz Cheney, the third most powerful Republican in the house of Representatives. She is the daughter of Vice President George W. Bush and has a long and respected record in the party. Motivation? He voted for Trump’s impeachment and was horrified by his supporters’ attack on the Capitol on January 6. On Wednesday night, the Republicans held a secret meeting with 145-61 votes and finally decided not to remove Cheney.

As for green, the Republicans’ strategy so far has been basically to look elsewhere, just as they are dealing with the radical trends sweeping through the party. Ignore it and turn to it when you need to scratch votes on a rogue basis, just as in Georgia’s second round election, which won two seats in the Senate.

Of course, most Republicans are shocked by Green’s words in private. However, one of the heroines who stood up against trum Pismo in public, the expert on social network lynching, still got the enthusiastic support of the former president, which is that many people are risking re-election. match. But for now, part of the reason is that in these four years, republican institutions have unconditionally and interestingly surrendered to trump, a soul that is the legacy of radicals. Because today’s Republicans are more like Marjorie Taylor green than Liz Cheney.

In the party debate, Senator Mitch McConnell himself, like others, combined Trump’s expediency with that of a party that has been radicalized by the tea party, saying on Monday that Green’s “crazy lies and conspiracy theories” (which he did not explicitly mention) were the party’s “cancer.”. “Some people think that maybe no plane hit the Pentagon on 9 / 11, the terrible shooting at school is escalating, and it’s unrealistic for the Clintons to crash John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr.’s plane,” he said.

McConnell’s slow, cautious and hesitant break with trump illustrates the process that the party itself is going through. After the attack on the Capitol, it seems that quite a few people are beginning to realize the scale of the monsters they create. McConnell himself has also spread the view that he will publicly condemn Trump’s impeachment in the Senate. But an expert in the art of giving a lime and a sand said in the end that he thought such a trial would be unconstitutional in the Senate.

The Republican leadership in the house of Commons spent all Wednesday behind the scenes trying to reach an agreement with Democrats to avoid them casting ballots by mistake. This is because the party unilaterally decided to force green to leave his two committees, the budget committee and the education committee, which are particularly striking given his views on the scourge of the school shooting.

It is unusual for the house majority to vote to remove minority members from the Committee. Republicans are planning to seize on this, arguing that punishing a woman congressman for her statement before admission would be a dangerous precedent. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s past comments on school shootings, political violence and anti Semitic conspiracy theories do not represent the values and beliefs of Republicans in Congress. I strongly condemn these remarks, “Kevin McCarthy, the Republican minority leader in the house of Representatives, said in a statement. But he made it clear that he had no intention of taking any action against green, adding: “Democrats have chosen to advance their grip on power by taking unprecedented steps to raise the temperature.”