London Asked Brussels To Further Deal With Brexit To Ease Tensions In Northern Ireland

2021-02-04   |   by CusiGO

Northern Ireland has begun to experience the tensions that EU and UK exit negotiators have tried to avoid at all costs for years. Espita is obviously an attempt by the European Commission, which soon gave up the attempt to control the export of vaccines from the Republic of Ireland (EU territory) to the British side of the island by invoking the security mechanism stipulated in the United Kingdom exit agreement. The move was a side effect of the conflict between Brussels and AstraZeneca, which eventually sparked anger from unionist and Republican politicians in London, Dublin and Northern Ireland. A few days later, threatening paint was applied around Belfast and the port of rane, targeting customs workers, leading to the temporary safe withdrawal of their workers by the Northern Ireland self government and the European Union itself.

There are checkpoints at these two port facilities for new brexit livestock and plant quarantine inspections, Between Northern Ireland and other parts of British territory in order to avoid the actual border between the two Ireland and to comply with the 1998 peace agreement that ended decades of conflict.

The Commission’s failure in restricting vaccine exports provided a golden opportunity for the Boris Johnson administration to renegotiate the Northern Ireland protocol, which is one of the most difficult chapters in the brexit agreement in London politics. The United Kingdom has asked for further concessions to Brussels to calm the mood in the Irish province.

Brussels believes that the customs problems in recent days are not due to the protocol, but to brexit. Friday’s restrictions have little to do with the tensions in Northern Ireland in recent days. However, the British government wrote to the Commission in very tough terms, asking for renegotiation, and after the mistake, EU agencies were forced to investigate the London complaint.

“I’m looking forward to a strong response, but it’s much more negative than expected,” Michael Gove, director of Johnson’s (ministerial) office, explained in a letter to MAROS sefcovic, vice president of the European Commission, on Tuesday. They are all chairpersons of the Joint Commission, which oversees the implementation of the withdrawal agreement signed in January 2020. “All political parties, civil society and business organizations in Northern Ireland are shocked and angry,” Goff said.

In his text, Johnson’s trusted people accused the EU administration of trying to invoke the security mechanism described in Article 16 of the Irish protocol without prior notice to London, and demanded an immediate solution to calm the tension. In particular, the grace period for customs control of certain goods has been extended to April 1 to June 2023. Goff specifically asked for the extension of supply lines for supermarkets, frozen meat, parcel services and medicines.

The Conservative Party’s hard line has also increased pressure on Johnson. It has never accepted the prime minister’s ultimate task to advance his brexit agreement: to keep Northern Ireland in the EU customs area and internal market, and to transfer customs control to the Irish sea, In order to avoid creating a new hard border between the two Irishmen, it would endanger the peace reached in the good Friday Agreement. Northern Ireland’s Pro British parties, the so-called unionists, feel betrayed and use Brussels’s failure in the vaccine conflict to raise their protest.

Johnson threatened on Wednesday that he would invoke a controversial clause fabricated by the European Union in the house of Commons. “We believe it is very important that the protocol should not create unnecessary obstacles or obstacles of any kind in the Irish sea,” Johnson said.

Despite the efforts of Irish and Northern Irish politicians over the past few hours to call for calm, and the self-governing police on British territory on the island have ruled out threatening paint as the work of paramilitary groups, It is generally believed that a wasp that has been sleeping for many years may reappear. The Prime Minister of Ireland, Michel รก l Martin, described recent developments as “unpleasant and evil”.

Community vice president sefkovic met with Goff, Prime Minister and leader of the Unity Party of Northern Ireland, Arlene foster, vice president of Northern Ireland, Michelle O’Neill, and members of Sinn Fein, the Republican Party that supports Ireland’s reunification on Wednesday. He witnessed their concerns and a description of the tensions in the region. Everyone wants to solve the current political crisis. In a letter to sevkovic a few hours ago, Goff warned: “what is needed now is a political rather than a technical solution… If the negotiations leading to the good Friday Agreement were conducted on a technical and legal basis, Northern Ireland would not be like this today.”.

Finally, the two sides agreed – and announced in a joint communique – to sit down again to review the Irish protocol. “We unreservedly condemn any threat or intimidation. The safety and well-being of the people of Northern Ireland and our staff in the region will always be our priority,” the text said. The Joint Commission agreed to meet again in London next week to further discuss “the appropriate development of the protocol to protect the interests of the peace process, maintain stability in the region and avoid daily interference with the residents or the hard border of the island of Ireland”.