Trump’S Defense Will Use Freedom Of Speech As An Argument For Impeachment

2021-02-03   |   by CusiGO

Donald Trump’s lawyers argue that the former US president did not use his words and deeds to incite a group of supporters to attack the Capitol building on January 6 last year, His lengthy speech to the crowd hours before the bloody incident means exercising the constitutional “freedom of speech”, which is the main point of the defense’s reply to the Senate on Tuesday, A week after Trump’s “seditious” political trial began. The tycoon was “particularly responsible” for what happened to the Democrats’ accusations.

The fourth impeachment in the history of the United States, the second impeachment of trump, will begin in the house of Lords next Tuesday, but the legal representative of the former president and nine Democratic congressmen (known as managers) who serve as prosecutors have put forward an argument that they will support The Republicans are guilty. This crime is unlikely, because it requires a two-thirds majority in the Senate, and the Republicans are not ready to convict him, which means that he is not eligible to participate in the election again, which is the ultimate goal pursued by the prosecution. Now that the leader on trial has left the White House, a conviction does not mean he will be removed.

The New York tycoon spent months inciting the specter of election fraud, arguing that the state government’s tendency to prevent the epidemic by mail and early voting is a hotbed of irregularities. When he lost, he doubled the charges and launched a multi litigation legal Crusade in key territories. No court has found evidence of such a massive set-up, but trump continues to deny Democrat Joe Biden’s victory and encourage protests.

On the morning of January 6, the same day Congress confirmed Biden’s victory, he made his last inflammatory speech to the crowd gathered near the White House. He accused then Vice President Mike burns of refusing to boycott the confirmation and asked his supporters to march to the Capitol building to continue the protest. Once there, madness erupts. The following week, the Democratic majority house of Representatives, backed by 10 Republicans, approved the “sedition” charges against him.

For Democrats, “trump used well-designed language to incite violence,” the video “dispelled any suspicion” that the president “actually incited violence.”. Trump used to abuse the protestors by saying, “you will never recapture your country with weakness,” “you have to show strength,” or “fight like the devil.”. In the video of the attack, you can hear a protester shouting, “we voted. What did they do? They stole it. Let’s go back to our country! “, Another yelled, “Mike burns, we’ve got you, traitor…”

In the 80 page indictment, Democrats held trump “particularly responsible” for the “violence and destruction” that occurred on that day, and refuted the Republican argument that the Senate cannot try a leader who has left office, Because the alleged crime occurred during his presidency. They stressed that their “betrayal” is “historical proportion”.

On the other hand, the former president’s lawyer argued that his words that morning did not refer to violence or violations, but to “the need to fight for the security of the entire election.”. In a 14 page letter, they avoided insisting on election theft lies, but argued that the former president of the United States, who is now retired from his mansion in Florida, did believe it and publicly pointed out that he exercised the freedom of speech protected by the first amendment of the constitution You can be punished for that. In addition, they pointed out: “it is doubtful that there is not enough evidence to determine whether their statements are accurate and therefore false.”

The defense insisted that there was no explicit demand at any time to break the law or enter Congress, and that when the attack occurred, the Republicans asked his supporters to “demonstrate peacefully.”. David Schoen, a lawyer for trump, told the Washington Post on Sunday: “if this speech is seen as seditious, then I think any passionate political reporter is at risk.”.

Many hooligan demagogues have now become a headache for the former president, as they defend themselves against the various crimes they are accused of (public disorder or violent intrusion into restricted buildings, the most minor and common of which), They pointed out that they were only obedient to the highest authority of the country. “On January 6, when the president asked them to walk along Pennsylvania Avenue with him, they felt that the president was not only talking to them, but also inviting them. Our president has a role? Does he have an impact? At least part of it happened on January 6th? Yes, I have absolute. There’s no doubt, “lawyer Albert Watkins told the country a few days ago that he was one of the most famous attackers, a representative of Jacob chansley, who was dressed in fur and known as Canon’s shaman. As many as 170 detainees are trying to shift some of the blame to Republicans, Reuters reported on Tuesday.