Biden Made Progress On Immigration Reform, But Avoided Abolishing All Of Trump’S Measures

2021-02-03   |   by CusiGO

US President Joe Biden is determined to use his executive power to reverse the hostile immigration system established by his predecessor. On Tuesday, he signed three new decrees aimed at ending more deterrence measures imposed by trump on the Mexican border. The attack is a clear indication of his intention to change the tone, but it does not hide the cautious attitude of his government in this extremely sensitive area. In the context of the epidemic and the surge in border arrests, the decree passed did not immediately cancel the controversial measures of its predecessor, but called for a review and time to design a new framework. Biden told reporters at the White House: “I’m not making new laws, I’m eliminating bad policies.”

Biden signed two laws on Tuesday to address the root causes of immigration, and a third to try to reunite separated minors on the Mexican border with their parents. The latter executive order aims to rectify one of President Donald Trump’s most criticized measures by empowering national security minister Alejandro mayorcas to lead a working group to determine how to identify and reunite separated families in border areas.

Trump has taken a tough policy on those trying to cross the border into the United States, trying to stop undocumented immigrants, including the controversial separation of parents and children in 2018. More than 5000 families have been affected by a measure that a senior government official called “moral failure and national humiliation” in a conversation with reporters. With two other decrees signed on Tuesday, Biden ordered a thorough review of Trump’s immigration policies, which limit the right of asylum, cut off foreign funds, tighten requirements for residency and nationality, and slow down the arrival of legal immigrants.

“The basic premise of President Biden’s strategy is that our country is safer, stronger and more prosperous, that there is a safer, more orderly and more humane immigration system, that immigrants are welcomed, that families are united, and that people can make a more comprehensive contribution to our country,” he said. The reporter is the same official.

The message is clear. President Biden has stressed his commitment to campaign commitments, but the administrative offensive also shows how limited room he has to maneuver to reverse current policies. Tuesday’s order, like others who have been working on the issue of immigration in recent weeks, does not mean immediate real change, but gives the authorities time to decide how to remove the existing framework. The government itself admits that some of Trump’s border controls will take some time to take effect.

On the issue of family separation, Biden plans to bring children’s parents to the United States or send them to the country where they live with their parents according to the current legislation and the wishes of the family itself. MAYORKAS, a former California prosecutor from Cuba, was confirmed as national security minister in the Senate on Tuesday. He will be responsible for formulating solutions and leading a working group of secretary of state and attorney general.

With regard to the protocol on asylum applications implemented by the trump administration, the protocol sent about 60000 asylum seekers to wait outside the United States when their applications were reviewed by the courts, Biden’s laws do not repeal them, but review them. The protocol will not apply to new applicants, but those who are reviewing their applications will not be invited to return to U.S. territory until a decision is made on how to cancel the program. Measures to allow the immediate expulsion of illegal border crossings by border authorities will also continue to be effective in the event of a coronavirus epidemic emergency. According to the Department of homeland security, these measures are still necessary to prevent the spread of HIV in units hosting undocumented migrants. They say these measures will be replaced by more humane measures, but it will take more time.

According to the latest statistics, since the November election, the number of border arrests has peaked at more than 70000 a month. Biden’s plan is to change the immigration policy by solving the “root causes” of Central American immigrants. He believes that Trump’s efforts to build a separation wall at the border have little or no effect in practice, leading to the neglect of the reasons for people’s immigration.

Stopping the construction of the wall is another immigration measure Biden took at the White House in his early years, which was added to Tuesday’s decree. The Democratic president also signed an executive order requiring his government to take all steps to uphold and strengthen DACA, a program to protect minors who enter illegally with their parents from deportation. It ordered a 100 day freeze on most deportations and submitted a legislative proposal to Congress to legalize the estimated 11 million undocumented people living in the country within eight years, Once they are proved to meet some requirements, such as they have no criminal record, and they are the latest tax records.