Because Of The Threat Of Violence, Northern Ireland Suspended Border Control After Brexit

2021-02-02   |   by CusiGO

The self government of Northern Ireland moved quickly. In view of a series of threatening street graffiti near Belfast and the port of rane, border control activities between Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom established under the EU withdrawal agreement have been suspended. “All border post staff are targets” (all border post staff are targets), which can be seen on a stone wall near the port facilities.

Pro British political groups in Northern Ireland, especially dup (currently leading the autonomous government), are crucial to the new post brexit reality. In order to avoid imposing a new border between the two Irish countries, London and Brussels agreed that British territory should remain within the customs area and the community’s internal market. The new virtual border will be the Irish Sea and customs or phytosanitary control will take place between the British part of the island and the United Kingdom (or the United Kingdom if Northern Ireland is not included).

Unionists in Northern Ireland feel betrayed. Last week, the European Commission launched a controversial action to lift controls on the export of vaccines from the Republic of Ireland (EU territory) to Northern Ireland by launching the security mechanism under the Northern Ireland protocol, which triggered an angry response. Brussels exited immediately and admitted this mistake, but it triggered what it had been trying to avoid for years: disrupting the situation in a region that had experienced decades of conflict and violence.

“After consulting with my team, I decided to withdraw staff from Belfast and port lane. Their security remains a priority. Later on Monday, I wrote on my twitter account: “I spoke to British ministers and expressed our concerns to them.”.

There are checkpoints in Belfast and lane for new brexit livestock and plant quarantine inspections. Twelve Northern Ireland government employees were laid off after the threat. The European Commission has taken the same decision as the staff of these facilities. “We ask you not to come to work today, we will continue to observe the situation and adapt to its development,” Eric mamer, a spokesman for the committee, said.

Peter Johnston, the mayor of Antrim county to which Rahn belongs (who is also a member of DUP), supports the decision to withdraw employees. “I think this is a very disturbing picture and a significant increase in community tensions caused by the Northern Ireland protocol.”.

Sinn Fein, a Republican group that supports the unification of the island, also supports the suspension of port control.