At Least 15 People Were Killed In A Terrorist Attack On A Hotel In Mogadishu

2021-02-01   |   by CusiGO

At least 15 civilians were killed in a suicide bombing Sunday night at the afrik hotel in Mogadishu, where opposition political meetings are being held, according to EFE medical sources today. According to Dr. Mohamed abshir of Madina hospital, 15 dead bodies were transferred to the morgue, despite the government’s insistence that only five died. According to police sources, a total of 18 people were injured, some of whom died in hospitals shortly after.

At about 17:00 local time, a suicide bomber detonated in a car bomb near the hotel and checkpoint, and four other people broke into the facility with guns. After more than five hours of fighting, firing and throwing grenades at security forces, four other attackers were also bombed, an action already taken by Al Qaeda linked Somali Jihad al Shabab.

Among the dead are general Muhammad Nur gallar, the country’s senior military commander and former Deputy Minister of defense in the late 1970s, and President Ali Mahdi’s minister of defense in 1991.

One of the survivors, opposition politician Farhan Nur, announced that “the enemy plans to attack to destroy us.”. At the time of the attack, the facility was located on a busy road leading to Mogadishu International Airport and was holding a political meeting where opposition candidates would discuss the next general election scheduled for February 8.

According to police sources, most of the hotel’s tenants were rescued, including some senior officials of the Somali security forces. “Hotel security helped to rescue more people,” police officer Ali Ahmed tubby, who was involved in the operation, assured EFE.

The president of Somalia, Mohamed Abdallahi famacho, condemned the attack and expressed sympathy to the families and friends of the victims. In particular, he referred to the death of nur gallar and stressed his positive role in building and strengthening the armed forces. The leader added: “the united people of Somalia will defeat this ruthless enemy, and now is the time to unite and liberate our whole country.”

Prime Minister Muhammad Hussain Robb also mourned the victims of the attack, condemning the “heinous” act.

Mogadishu is often attacked by Al Shabab, which still controls rural areas in south central Somalia, and the country is trying to build an ultra conservative Islamic state of Wahhabi. Since the overthrow of dictator Muhammad siad Barre in 1991, Somalia has been in a state of war and chaos, which makes the country have no effective government and fall into the hands of Islamic militia and warlords.