A Big Snowstorm Swept Across The Northeast Of The United States.

2021-02-01   |   by CusiGO

New York is the center of a major snowstorm that began to hit the northeast of the United States on Sunday night and is expected to be at least 60 centimeters thick. The storm resulted in the suspension of non essential activities, including rescheduling of the kovid-19 vaccination. “There will be great danger (on the street) and a lot of difficult action. The last thing we want to do is to get our elders vaccinated in a storm like this, “warned mayor and Democrat bill debracio. The school will be closed on Monday and Tuesday. On Sunday afternoon, the first snowflake began to fall, and the municipal snow sweeper, which was responsible for cleaning the road, immediately mobilized, even before the first layer of white cloak fell on the street.

New York is a city used to snow, but the scale of the storm, the first huge storm in the winter of 2021, hindered the rapid response of the citizens. Municipal workers cut a path on the sidewalk around public buildings (schools, playgrounds, parks), while private workers frantically throw shovels to remove snow from the sidewalk corresponding to their buildings. Defenders, owners or business owners have the unshirkable responsibility to clear their channels, otherwise they will be fined. The problem is that the snow turned their efforts into Sisyphus’ task: the snow fell violently, like a jet, which had nothing to do with the calm and relaxed picture of the weather phenomenon.

City and state authorities issued an emergency alert. “All non urgent or unnecessary vehicles must be stopped by 6 a.m. on Tuesday,” the mayor of New York urged in a memo to all mobile phones. “The expected conditions are similar to snowstorms,” he added, meaning that the combination of wind and snow complicates health and viability.

Cities such as Boston and Washington were also affected by the storm, which will continue to weaken on Tuesday. The National Weather Service (NWS) has extended coverage to the area between Virginia and Maine. New Jersey declared a state of emergency, allowing authorities to close roads, evacuate homes and requisition equipment for public safety. He also suspended public transportation across the state.

Last week, the storm hit California, parts of the snow as high as 1.8 meters, and then moved to the Midwest, especially in Chicago. In Washington, it snows from Saturday to Sunday night. According to White House sources, US President Joe Biden met with his advisers later this week, and he also plans to solve problems such as the situation caused by the storm.