Mattarella Is Trying To Revive The Same Government To Get Out Of The Crisis In Italy

2021-01-31   |   by CusiGO

Sergio matarella, President of the Italian Republic, ended a round of consultations with all parties on Friday afternoon to resolve the government crisis. An hour after meeting with his team, the head of state announced that he would work to restore the same political alliance that gave life to the former chief executive. He did not specify whether the resigned prime minister, Giuseppe conte, should take the lead, but he gave Roberto FICO, speaker of the house of Representatives and member of the five-star movement, an exploratory task to investigate all relevant forces.

Mattarella called for a speedy resolution of the crisis. There is no time to waste, especially when Italy has to provide the final design of its recovery plan, which will enable it to receive more than 200 billion euros in aid. “The three emergencies that we live in – health, social and economic – require immediate government action. You have to make a happy life for the right executive, “he points out. However, matarella didn’t want to make a mistake this time and gave FICO a deadline. It wasn’t until next Tuesday that FICO returned to kirinaar palace with the advice of diagnosis and lifting the blockade.

The constitutional formula allows candidates not to be burned – conti is the best person – to try to gain political support. In addition, Matteo Renzi’s request is to verify the existence of a true majority before discussing the candidates. To this end, he sent a “boy scout” to meet with the political parties that made up the former chief executive (five-star movement, Democratic Party, liberal Equality Party and viva Italia) to explore whether they are really willing to support a candidate. “At this time, the political majority views with the former government groups emerged at a forum with the political forces of Parliament in elkirina. Mattarella announced in agency language: “this usability will be verified in its practical application.”.

Viva Italy, Renzi’s party, is the only one that has not explicitly asked the candidate to lead the new chief executive to become conti again. In fact, the Florentines, who abhor the outgoing prime minister, will try at the last minute to find a solution that will enable him to avoid this. But the pressure will be the biggest, with some in his party demanding that he not push his pulse too far, for the sake of the country and the formation itself.

However, the problem does not just come from Renzi’s flank. After meeting with mattarella yesterday, the five-star delegation appealed, swallowed his last few days’ words (“never again with Renzi”) and promised to be ready to reach a legislative agreement with living Italy. The movement has opened a deep rift in the populist camp and must heal in the next few hours in order to continue the matarella plan.