Draghi’S Name Added To The Tension In The Italian Crisis

2021-01-31   |   by CusiGO

Next Tuesday, the deadline for the president of the Italian Republic to make a clear response to the Italian crisis will expire. Sergio matarella has asked House Speaker Roberto FICO to explore the possibility of forming a new government with the same political power as the previous one. By the way, he came back with a clear idea of whether Giuseppe Conte could lead him again. So far, there is no other possible horizon. Over the weekend, however, a recurring name reappeared, and the only name that could unite all the political forces was Mario Draghi.

The former president of the European Central Bank, as he admitted to the press, has spoken to mattarella in recent weeks. The head of state said the calls were not meant to investigate whether they were willing to lead a government. But they are connected. It is a fact that it has exchanged fire among political parties in the name of a consensus, and the current leader of Italy, Matteo Renzi, will consider leading an executive unit that can even support Matteo Salvini League.

The four political parties that make up the former Chief Executive – the five-star movement (m5S), the Democratic Party, viva Italia, freedom and equality – are meeting recently to reach a consensus on an agenda and to determine the real possibility of re issuing the agreement. Once an agreement is reached, Renzi is imposed, and the names of the people who lead him can be discussed. It’s a very benevolent way to create panic on his opponents, m5S and Conte himself, and buy time to explore other possible prime ministers.

Draghi, 73, has never commented on the possibility of becoming prime minister. The few he spoke to preferred the president of the Republic. However, Renzi insisted behind the scenes that delegating Draghi was a perfect solution.

Today, few people express their views against Draghi hypothesis. Long live, within the people’s Democratic Party, on the right and in Italy. The quirina palace will not see any obstacles, except that the open process so far still points to a very moving story.

House Speaker Roberto FICO will meet again on Monday with the political majority of the former president to see if they are willing to support him. If the result is negative and the answer comes mainly from Renzi, then matarella should really explore other options on Tuesday.