Lopez Obrador Has Reappeared From Infection With Covid, Promising To Overcome The Epidemic In Mexico

2021-01-30   |   by CusiGO

Andr é s Manuel L ó PEZ Obrador made his first public appearance since he was declared infected with coronavirus last weekend. “I’m standing with you so there won’t be rumors or misunderstandings, and I’m fine, even though I need to rest,” the Mexican president said in a recorded message Friday after questioning his health. His speech focused on the fight against the epidemic, which peaked after more than 155000 deaths in the country, and reinforced the image that fighting HIV is one of his priorities as head of state.

“I’m confident that we will succeed, and I’m optimistic,” he said as he walked down the corridor of the National Palace in Mexico City. The president said February will be a key month to fulfill the promise to overcome the health crisis in the coming months. “Vaccines are ultimately the most important, which will convince us that this terrible epidemic will not continue to cause damage,” he said.

The 67 year old president said Mexico expects to receive about 6 million doses next month, and is likely to receive another 12 million doses by the end of March, and he himself is working to ensure that the drugs flow into the country during the rest period. “I can’t rule out that by the end of March, we had the first dose of vaccine for all elderly people,” the president said.

After a phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the president agreed on Monday to buy 24 million doses of satellite v. Faced with shortages and production problems in the west, the Russian vaccine has become a substitute for Mexico, and plans to deliver 200000 doses of vaccine for the first time later next week.

Lopez Obrador announced that in February this year, AstraZeneca will provide 870000 doses of vaccine from India, a supplement to an agreement signed in August with Argentina and the Carlos Slim foundation, a tycoon, to speed up vaccination coverage, which is similar to the dose expected in Russia. The president said he called Pfizer’s chief executive and asked for the re delivery of the vaccine, which was suspended until the middle of next month, promising 1.5 million doses. Vaccines from the covax mechanism, a multilateral initiative led by the World Health Organization (who), will arrive in February with the first 1.8 million doses delivered. A total of 6 million vaccines are being closed, and the clinical trial of cansino vaccine is expected to be completed and distributed within the same month, a compromise reached after contacting the Chinese embassy.

“We’re not out of the picture,” the president insisted, instructing his team to strengthen health strategies to ensure that “no one is out of bed, no drugs are out of coved, and everyone is taken care of.”. The president’s words come against the background of putting more pressure on the public health system, which, 11 months after the pandemic, is facing hospital saturation, oxygen tank shortage and health worker wear and tear.

Another crisis is the economic crisis. After announcing on Friday that Mexico’s economy fell 8.5% last year, the worst decline since the great depression, Lopez Obrador pointed out that the goal in 2021 is to restore about 800000 formal jobs to the level before the virus spread. Despite criticism of his government for avoiding debt, deepening austerity and making flagship projects a budget priority, he chose to send a message of confidence in recovery to the public. “There are encouraging signs in the economy,” he said, Although he acknowledged that the impact of the virus on the macro economy is “terrible.”.

After five days of absence, Lopez Obrador also took time to thank Mexico and its political opponents for their solidarity. The most important political message that Lopez Obrador has sent since the outbreak of the pandemic finally calls on the people not to surrender at the most complicated time, and calls for a vote of confidence in his government projects. “I’ll be fine, we’ll get through it,” he said before parting.