Flavio Dino: “Basonaro Gives Priority To Confrontation, Which Is The Core Of His Political Identity”

2021-01-30   |   by CusiGO

Governor Flavio Dino (52), who attended Brazil’s national debate, far exceeds the actual weight of this small, highly unequal and underdeveloped coastal country at the eastern end of the Amazon River. Judges and congressmen combined his membership in the Brazilian Communist Party (pcdob) with pragmatic leftist and Catholic beliefs before breaking the local oligarchy six years ago. Shortly after Joe Biden became president of the United States, Dino received the newspaper in his hometown’s impressive palace of government. He talked about basonaro, pandemic, Amazon… He just took off his mask and posed for a picture.

Questions. How does a communist governor live in a far right President?

answer. It was a difficult relationship because of ideological differences and the uniqueness of Baggins. He puts confrontation first, which is crucial to his political identity, even to cover up his incompetence. Life is hard for everyone. This is the biggest gap between federal and state governments in our history. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule.

P. You said, “the end of the trump administration is… The announcement that Brazil will usher in the dawn.”. Do you think it will affect basonaro’s chances of re-election?

A. Expand the insulation range of the package. Now, in an interdependent world, it has completely lost its support. It is difficult for an isolated government to find solutions to cross-border problems such as the environment or epidemics. When you’re with a government that prides itself on isolation, it’s hard to get a vaccine, as we see now.

Q. Stopping paying for coronavirus is another serious problem. Now all the pressure will fall on the state and city councils. How do you deal with it?

A. This is a deep problem. It has a level to benefit families, but its negative social impact goes far beyond this level. They will be excluded from the consumer market, which has an impact on job creation. Ending emergency aid was a huge mistake. If it was built to mitigate the impact of the epidemic and it is still alive, there is no reason to eliminate it. I think financial responsibility cannot be separated from social responsibility. I don’t have a central bank, I don’t issue money, I don’t have debt, and I’m trying to take measures to control the damage, such as helping people collect solid waste, providing 305000 basic baskets for families since April, and a plan For public works of R $559 million (US $100 million), I will write a check of R $600 (one-time payment) so that families can buy products.

Q. As chairman of Amazon’s legitimate governors’ Union, are you worried that Biden will exert trade pressure on Brazil to change its environmental policy?

A. It’s a risk. We have a fair global focus, but there are also competitors (Agriculture) who may want to exploit and a country that has no alliance. This constitutes a very fragile scenario. At the international level, more important than punishing Brazil is to strengthen the efforts of those who want to protect Amazon, such as the Amazon governors’ Union, whose position is different from that of the federal government. Everyone agrees that the idea that Amazon has no law or control is negative for Brazil. Major producers in Mato Grosso know that the risk of international sanctions is serious. Biden talked about a $20 billion fund. I think it’s possible to build a big coalition, including federal departments. American and international companies can help set up an environmental services payment fund because it protects the environment. Because people living in the Amazon must find a way to maintain economic and environmental services. This will make possible alternatives that allow people to live without destroying the forest.

Q: is it possible to establish a comprehensive opposition front instead of borsona front for the 2022 presidential election?

A. I think in the first round, we will have two or more candidates, the left and the middle right. Interestingly, a broad front has been set up for house speaker Basilia (Rossi), who comes from the centre right, but is supported by almost all the left. It shows that we are at a different time. Two years ago, only the people on our left supported Rodrigo Maya. We have received a lot of criticism. History has proved that we are right, because Maya is very important in containing the coup and authoritarian intention of basonaro. So even if you don’t have a broad coalition in the first round, a second round is possible. It’s an important qualitative change for everyone, because Brazil, the Amazon, can’t stand basonaro for four more years.

Q: are you a communist?

A. Obviously, this concept is different from that of the 19th century. I often say on pcdob that the symbols of sickle and Hammer no longer express the working world. The key is how you deal with inequality. I think inequality should be compensated, but we should not implement standardized egalitarianism. This is an anti utopian approach. I think I am a leftist because I am an activist against social injustice. In my opinion, the role of the state and public policies in correcting the trend that market wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few people is irreplaceable. This is not about eliminating the market. This is another important difference between us and the classical left.