Renzi Put Kandy On The Rope, But He Avoided Rejecting Kandy As Ruler.

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

Matteo Renzi met with Sergio matarella, President of the Republic, for half an hour on Thursday afternoon. Italian leader Viva has agreed to support a political government or an institution. But he asked his old partner to recognize his party politically. Renzi did not oppose Giuseppe Conte’s new appointment, but he hinted that he was considering other options, which ran counter to the resignation of the prime minister. As far as the Democratic Party is concerned, it sticks to its will to let conti repeat this under the leadership of the executive branch.

Renzi put pressure on Conte during the first phase of the negotiations between the president of the Republic and the formation of a new government. Florentines want to extend their arms to the resigning prime minister, who has a bad relationship with him, but he has not revealed to what extent. Most of the solutions to the crisis are in accordance with the requirements of the party. Renzi wants expensive support.

Viva Italia’s leaders demand that all those who accuse him of unreliable training or his own “irresponsibility” confirm that impression if they want to join the new majority. Political debate between the party and compromise. He knows that there is no other majority today: “we want to know if other political forces think we are part of a potential majority, and the pursuit of MPS does not produce another. We are ready to compromise with a political majority. But in the next few hours, we want to know if other political forces want Italy to participate alive. To do this, they have to be ready to discuss policy. ”

Renzi told matarela that his party was only against holding elections. But if there is no clear majority or candidate, I am willing to support a political government or institution. “Before you name and plan, you have to see how many people can make it up,” he stressed, stressing that if his old allies want him to get involved, they have to approve.

In fact, it’s all happening now in Viva Italia, a party with an estimated 3% of the vote, but 18 senators are worthy of the prime minister. Conte’s desperate attempt to summon a group of jailbreak senators to replace them in the Senate has yet to bear fruit. “We want to know if Italy is still alive and if their ideas are useful. We lived in mud for 15 days and didn’t answer with mud. Some people think that restoring one or two Senate votes can solve this crisis, “he argued.

Renzi pointed out that the resigning prime minister called matarela shortly before meeting him (the conversation lasted half an hour). “I told him we didn’t have any personal problems with him,” he said, pointing to the door and opening it to support him. “But we want to know if other political forces want Italy alive in the next few hours. In order to do that, they have to be ready to discuss policy, “he insisted.

As time went on, the ball was on the roof of matarella while waiting for today’s game against five stars and the right. The head of state must come up with a solution and put it forward on Friday or Saturday. The first idea is an exploratory commission to a third party to determine how much support a candidate like conter can get, which would be an advantage. But Italy’s position on this is the key. This round will be a perfect opportunity to liquidate him and prove the need to find a new name.

The difficulty of finding someone who is not an earl is enormous. Especially because the different ideological tendencies of the five-star movement must be satisfied, the five-star movement is a political party that wins the election and is also the main partner of the future alliance.

In any case, the list of alternatives has begun to be drawn up. Sources from both parties explained that the PD and viva Italia would not be unhappy with the return of Paul gentironi, the current EU Economic Affairs Commissioner. The former prime minister should step down, and some think Italy will try to keep him in place. “The choice is true. Obviously, it’s not clear whether Brussels will allow it, but it’s on the table and matarella knows that, “explained a source from Viva, Italy.

Another strong choice in the past few hours has been Roberto FICO, speaker of the house of Representatives and representative of the five-star Social Democratic Party. This formula will help to release his current position and provide it to a counterweight of the PD to balance the force.

Viva Italia insists the crisis has a political purpose. Sandro gozi, a member of the European Parliament, said: “Italy is the first beneficiary of the EU recovery fund. It is very serious that it is not the first country to propose a recovery plan. The serious delay is the result of the government’s failure to carry out the necessary reforms: first, the judiciary. “I want Italy to have a strong government and an extended majority, and if I want to maintain that majority, I want Italy to be in the form of middle power and part of Italian power,” he said, opening his arms to Silvio Berlusconi. This will be another trump card anyone can play.