Overnight Makeover To Deal With Italy’S Political Crisis

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

Senator Luigi Vitaly saw all kinds of colors. He has been representing Forza Italia in parliament since 1996. It has promoted laws and reforms, such as tax debt relief and traffic fines. But recently, at the end of his career, the 66 year old began to doubt a lot. On Wednesday night, the outgoing prime minister Giuseppe Conte went to the Chigi palace, which persuaded him to join the transport group he set up to support him in the Senate. Vitali, like many members who don’t want to lose seats and privileges, wants to avoid elections now. Support for Conte can guarantee that. So he left the meeting and publicly announced his change. But when he arrived at his Roman apartment, Vitali from April in the south of the country, he had a surprise. After 11 o’clock last night, the phone rang.

-Vitali, this is Silvio-

Silvio Berlusconi, the leader of the Italian football team Forza Italia, is an unexpected salesman. He reminds Vitali of their years together, the games they won, who knows if there is any Carnival… He also stressed that he hoped for a united and comprehensive government. In any case, elections and instability of the state or its members. “Think about it, Vitaly,” he said. The telephone rang.

-Vitali, this is Matteo Salvini–

The alliance leader personally called Italian Senator de foza. They joked that he couldn’t understand why he left the centre right coalition and suggested to him that he didn’t actually want an early election. Salvini reminded Vitali that he was willing to discuss some form of unity government with anyone if judicial and fiscal reforms were on the table. As a result, Vitali was convinced that there would be no election, and at 4 a.m., he turned around and reported again on the Italian parliamentary group that stayed in the party through a chat.

Vitali’s story clearly illustrates the institutional transformation of Italy and the market on which conti’s survival in Chigi palace depends. But today, all the positions of political parties are shrouded in the sea: elections are hardly for anyone. They are bluffing. The problem is that if the parties continue to be so far away, they will increasingly be a choice. Even if Vitali was promised the opposite.