Navani Called For Continued Protests, Despite A Wave Of Arrests: “They Will Not Intimidate Us, We Are The Majority.”

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

Alexei navani will be sentenced to 30 days of pre-trial detention. A judge on Thursday dismissed an appeal from opposition leaders after tens of thousands of people demonstrated in more than 100 Russian cities for his release, so he will be jailed until at least the next trial for violating the law When he was transferred to Germany to recover from the summer poison attack in Siberia, he almost lost his life. Navani urged citizens to continue to protest despite the wave of arrests and the enormous pressure on his collaborators. “They won’t intimidate us, we are the majority,” he said at a hearing in Moscow prison.

Arrested after returning from Berlin, navani faces more than three years in prison in a criminal colony. Dissidents condemned his access to lawyers and described the latter judicial process as political persecution. He will appeal to all institutions, including the European Court of human rights, one of his lawyers announced on Thursday. “This blatant anarchy is to scare me and others,” he said. “The judges here are just obedient slaves, as are the robbers in our country,” the objector said in the famous matrosskaya tishina prison, where he was held incommunicado on charges of coronavirus prevalence.

In a sterile room, through a computer screen, navani learned from his lawyers about the latest round of raids, searches and arrests on his allies on Wednesday night, including his brother Oleg and his second lawyer, Lyubov Sobol. They all face charges of violating coronavirus restrictions during Saturday’s protest, which carries a maximum sentence of three years in prison. “It’s like the hostage situation,” commented the prominent opponent, who was charged with mass fraud and violated the terms of a controversial six-year-old judgment that the Strasbourg court considered “arbitrary and manifestly unfair.”.

The anti-corruption group, which leads dissidents, urged people to demonstrate again on Sunday to keep in touch with the Kremlin. More than 4000 people were arrested during last Saturday’s mobilization. “Only they (the protestors) are the last obstacle to preventing the authorities from robbing everything. “They are real patriots,” navalny declared at the hearing, the first live window to address Russians in 10 days.

Dmitri Peskov, a Kremlin spokesman, announced on Thursday that the new round of searches and detentions was legal. “Law enforcement agencies are doing their job,” he said. “There are a lot of violations.”

The authorities also put pressure on social media, accusing them of inciting protests. Russia’s prosecutor’s office issued new warnings to Facebook, Google, twitter, tiktok and Russian social media on Thursday, asking them to block content calling for further mobilization in support of navani. A Kremlin spokesman said: “the government does not want social media to be a platform for promoting such illegal practices.”.

In another coup against one of nawarni’s youngest supporters, the authorities filed administrative proceedings against 173 parents whose minor children took part in Saturday’s protest.