Lyubov Sobol: “Putin Panics About Navani Because He Thinks Navani Is An Opponent With A Chance.”

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

Liubov Sobol ironically said that she could hardly remember the number of arrests. Or authorities have searched the apartment of the 33 year old lawyer and activist Alexei navarni, as well as the office of the anti-corruption organization that led the opposition arrested in Russia. On Wednesday, a group of masked agents re entered navani’s YouTube studio, at his home, at Sobol’s home, and many of his other collaborators in a new criminal investigation. This time, a few days after a massive demonstration demanding the release of dissidents, his team is preparing for a new March to defend one of the most obvious critics of Russian President Vladimir Putin. “This persecution shows the fear and weakness of a person who is not the leader of our country,” Sobol tajante said in an interview at the office of the navalni live canal, a non personal business center in Moscow. “Putin is scared of navalni because he thinks navalni is a real opponent who could be elected president.”. This Wednesday night, the activists were arrested again.

Sobol graduated from Russia’s most prestigious Moscow State University with a law degree and began her career as a court clerk in Moscow. If the navalni anti corruption foundation did not hinder her in 2011, she would probably end her career in a large law company. Since then, he has been involved in surveys of Russia’s political and economic elites, who have repeatedly put the authorities in trouble, most recently at the so-called Putin’s palace of billionaires in the Black Sea. Also in the summer of 2019, he launched a massive protest in Moscow, demanding fair local elections, and went on a 32 day hunger strike after the government rejected his candidacy and the candidacy of other opponents. She is now Russia’s most famous dissident, second only to navani.

In a canal studio, the lawyer commented that Sobel had loved the story of Holmes since he was a child and wanted to be a detective like him and a target for authorities and characters on the Kremlin track. Video of the opponent and his team contacting millions of people. He explained that the environment was a bit unsafe because in one record, the authorities took away several computers, photocopiers and even coffee machines.

“The threat is not just judicial,” he said. In 2016, after Sobol and navani published a report on yevgeni prigozin, a man attacked her husband with a syringe, a dark oligarch in the catering industry known as Pugin’s chef for his connection with the Kremlin. “They’ll arrest me, try me, even put me in jail, but I’m not afraid,” he shrugged. He added that he did not succumb to panic after being poisoned in navani, Siberia, last summer, and that the Kremlin’s hands were popular.

The lawyer said that she would continue to mobilize firmly to release the opponent, who only returned from Germany to Moscow, where he received treatment and was sentenced to one month’s pre-trial detention for crossing the border, Hospitalization – review of probation in 2014. Sobol insisted that she would fight for parliamentary elections scheduled for September, and that the Kremlin was “very nervous.”. The popularity of the ruling United Russia party and Putin has fallen to record lows as the recession exacerbates the epidemic and wearies of social inequality.

She is almost certain that she will be voted down again. “But that doesn’t mean I have to stand by,” he said. “Russia’s elections have been damaged by corruption and fraud, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t use this tool. Although this is not the only right way to achieve democratic change and the rule of law, “he said. “It’s the same with our investigations and video messages, lawsuits, street protests. We’re trying to change the whole system. ” Sobol believes that Russia’s opposition policy is not about the right or left, but, as he said, who supports Putin and who does not.

Opposition cases and growing discontent may now put pressure on dissidents and become a snowball for the Kremlin. “More and more people are against Putin, not all of them are in support of navani, but they have different views. But those who take to the streets can no longer tolerate what happens in Russia. It’s hard for a conscientious person to see how they poison or imprison an innocent person. ”

The threat of further sanctions by the European Union and the United States over the navani incident looms over Russia. The dissident has called for personal sanctions against powerful oligarchs around the Kremlin in October, and now his team stresses that blocking the accounts of yachts or millionaires such as Roman Abramovich will help. Josep Borrell, the European Union’s high representative for foreign policy, will travel to Russia next week, although a new group of Europeans is still up in the air. Sobol and his team commented that they had no plans to meet him. “I was always willing to talk and meet, but no one was close to me,” he said. “Frankly, I don’t trust European politicians very much,” he said. “We know that democratic change in our country depends on Russian citizens,” he insisted. The Kremlin recently accused navani of being a Western spy.

Sobol was charged in several cases, and until Wednesday, she was one of navani’s few UN imprisoned allies, especially after the authorities tried to calm the protests after a wave of Pro dissident arrests before the March. Since Russian law prohibits the imprisonment of women with children under the age of 14, the authorities usually impose huge fines up to 48 hours later. And the television lawyer – who also plays on rival channels – has a six-year-old daughter. Although a severe criminal conviction did not save her from imprisonment, dissidents have been charged in a number of cases.

But she was ruined by lawsuits from authorities and businessmen such as prigozin, who admitted: “I have less than 34 million rubles (372000 euros) in my account balance, I have never owned real estate and I live in my husband’s apartment. We sold the car a few years ago. I’m living under a threat that someone will come to my house and take my washing machine or my daughter’s electronic piano. “