Biden Government Announced To Revise Trump’S Policy Toward Cuba

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

The Biden administration is ready to change U.S. policy toward Cuba, the White House reported on Thursday. The announcement comes in the second week of the new president’s presidency, when the Donald Trump administration announced in the last days of his term that Cuba would be on the list of countries that support terrorism. The last step marks the cancellation of Trump’s initiative to restore relations with Havana led by his predecessor, Barack Obama, whose Biden administration is his vice president.

“Our policy towards Cuba follows two principles. First, support for democracy and human rights, which will be at the heart of all our efforts. Second, Americans, especially Cuban Americans, are Cuba’s greatest ambassador to freedom. So we will review the policies of the trump administration, “White House press secretary Jen psaki said at a daily news conference on Thursday.

Nine days before trump left the White House, his secretary of state, Mike Pompey, announced that the United States would once again appoint Cuba as a “state supporting terrorism.”. They claimed that Havana “repeatedly supports international terrorism by ensuring the safe harbor of terrorists.”. Cuba was blacklisted in 1982, as were Syria, Iran and North Korea, but the Obama administration removed Cuba from the blacklist in May 2015. This decision has little practical benefit for Havana, whose diplomatic relations with Washington have been disrupted since 1961, but it has been interpreted as a key gesture of normalization initiated by Obama and Raul Castro, and frustration with Trump’s coming to power.

Putting the country back on the list of countries that support terrorism means a complete reversal of the Obama administration’s efforts to rebuild relations with the island, which is the historical enemy of the cold war, and complicates the areas of action where Joe Biden’s administration’s diplomacy may be closer, No matter who is Obama’s vice president, he will take office on the 20th.