Biden Expanded Health Insurance After Years Of Trump’S Restrictions

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

On Thursday, the wave of decrees aimed at overthrowing the work of Donald Trump’s government continued, an issue of special political symbolism still affected by the epidemic in 2021: access to health care. President Biden signed two executive orders aimed at reversing some of the Republican actions taken 10 years ago to weaken the health care reform proposed by democratic Barack Obama. In particular, Biden ordered a federal platform established through reform to reopen the deadline for subsidized insurance, and called for a review of new policies introduced by trump for patients with chronic or severe diseases, Historically, it’s hard to find cover. It has also promoted measures to promote abortion.

Except for the poor or those of retirement age, health care in the United States is paid through private insurance or directly from the pocket of the family. Many uninsured citizens – about 27 million, or 10% of the non elderly population – think a lot before going to see a doctor because their bills are high. Obama’s reforms are flawed and aim to extend insurance coverage to more citizens, but progressive Democrats claim to go further and promote universal public health, even without private insurance. Biden does not agree with this position, but he is willing to strengthen this model, which also requires difficult negotiations in Congress.

The trump administration’s failure to get enough support in Congress to overturn Obama’s health care bill, commonly known as Obamacare, is one of the Conservatives’ most hated policies. So he tried to weaken him through federal action. Now the opposite is true.

“It’s been a tense week, and I’ve signed a lot of executive orders designed to deal with the coved crisis, but today I’m going to sign two executive orders to eliminate the damage caused by trump. Biden, sitting in the Oval Office, said: “all we have to do is restore the law.” Through Thursday’s measures, the Democrat seeks to provide insurance for Americans who lost it in a pandemic – many of which are business related – or they no longer count on it before they start.

Citizens of the 36 states that rely on the federal insurance market can only be insured in a very short period of time, six weeks in the fall, which is a restriction Obama is trying to prevent insured people from canceling insurance (it takes them a whole year to re insure). The deadline for this year is December. Biden is now starting a special period, from February 15 to May 15. In addition, the new government will resume the awareness raising and publicity campaign suspended by trump.

Biden, on the other hand, wants to reverse Trump’s other policies that complicate the lives of Americans with severe or chronic diseases and beneficiaries of Medicaid, which covers the poor or disabled. The government of the people’s Republic of China has provided convenience for the sale of short-term insurance. Unlike other insurance, short-term insurance has no obligation to insure for people with special care conditions, and has put forward employment requirements for low-income people.

Biden also eased abortion by removing a restriction that public funds could not be used for clinics at home and abroad that provide counseling for interrupting pregnancies. It was the smallest surprise. This is a restriction known as the “Mexico City Policy”, which was first implemented by the Ronald Reagan administration and named after the city that announced the policy, that is, the Republican or democratic government introduced or deleted the policy when it passed the White House.

During the campaign, especially after the pandemic, the general debate on health intensified, brutally exposing the problems of the US health system. In July last year, a study by fair health set the average cost of covid treatment at $34662 for patients aged 20 to 30 and $45683 for patients aged 50 to 60, an exception to this model, even though the rescue plan included public assistance for the pandemic.