The Pandemic And The Chaotic Management Of Oxygen Prompted People To Demand “Impeachment” Of Basonaro

2021-01-27   |   by CusiGO

Death of patients suffocated by lack of oxygen in Amazon hospitals and slow progress in vaccination in Brazil have given new political impetus to those who want to see President JAL borzonaro step down. His reputation is on the decline. Last weekend, left and right-wing movements assembled a protest convoy. The number of requests for impeachment has doubled, with more than 60 requests. The pressure is growing, but now Congress is unlikely to even discuss these issues.

Brazil’s president’s strongest critics, also populist and crown skeptic Donald Trump, dream that the epidemic will lead to his downfall. Official figures show that one out of every 1000 Brazilians died of cowide (217000 out of 210 million residents) and nearly 9 million people were infected with cowide. It is the country with the second largest number of deaths and the third largest number of cases. Without the leadership of the federal government, each state is deciding how to fight the epidemic on its territory, and Brazil is experiencing a second wave, with more than half of the cases increasing.

History shows that, unlike in the US, some acquisitions in Brazil have been successful. Since the restoration of democracy in 1985, two of the five elected presidents have been impeached in political trials. If the far right continues to advance, his current Vice President, general Hamilton Moran, will hold the post until the next term in 2022.

Even for a citizen who is used to bakinsnaro’s excesses, Manaus is a key point. The government was informed a few days in advance that Manaus was short of oxygen and doing nothing, which is shocking, not only for those who have criticized it for prioritizing the economy and disrupting the season since the first epidemic. The oxygen crisis in the Amazon, the capital of the Amazon, killed at least 50 people at the same time as the start of vaccination, which was hampered by a lack of dose and diplomatic failure.

The cocktail party led to a new round of impeachment motions, and House Speaker Rodrigo Maya warned that he had no intention of dealing with them. Maya, the centre right, has been in office for less than a week as the presidents of both houses of Congress will be re elected next Monday. The current president and his successor did not see the voice of the people, nor did they see the support of Parliament enough to bring the matter to members at this stage.

Over the past month, as the epidemic intensifies, the rejection of bajinsnaro administration has increased and direct assistance to a third of citizens has ended, which will push millions back into poverty. According to opinion polls, discontent has risen 8 percentage points to 40% or 60%. His reputation has declined, but it is still considerable. A third of Brazilians praise the president’s management.

Lula da Silva’s workers party and the socialist party fought against bosonaro on the street on Saturday. They’re a fleet of cars that fit the purpose of the coronavirus era. But the latest news is that on Sunday, the most aggressive moves of dilma Rousseff’s dismissal in 2016 were aimed at bolsonaro, who until recently supported him. Some analysts see a turning point. Columnist Helio schwartsman wrote in Folha, Sao Paulo, on Tuesday that in the next few days, we will see “whether the change of mood will continue (…) in any case, that unstable centrists support (the party without ideology) This is the full protection of the real transformation of public opinion. ”

The government’s management of the epidemic is, at least, negligent, as the attitude of the president and his health minister (the third leading figure in the epidemic) suggests. India’s delay in providing purchased AstraZeneca / Oxford injections, and news that the government did not even respond to Pfizer’s proposal a few months ago, exacerbated the anger.

Bosonaro, who suffers from CVD, has long announced that he does not plan to be vaccinated, but he has adjusted his speech in recent days. He thanks China for its cooperation in immunization, which he believes is necessary to revitalize the economy. The International Monetary Fund has improved its forecasts for Latin America and estimates that Brazil will grow by 3.6%.

The Supreme Court opened an investigation into the Minister of health, general Eduardo pazuello, who was sent to Manaus by basonaro without a date of return. Authorities have opened new hospital beds in the city and tried to stabilize the oxygen supply in the area, while trying to curb the rapid spread of the disease through 10 days in jail.

It is believed that one of the reasons why the borzonaro family chose a soldier as the second candidate for patriarch is to cool the mood of those who want to activate the constitutional mechanism to remove him.