Putin Called On Europe To Overcome Its Differences And Form An Alliance With Russia

2021-01-27   |   by CusiGO

Russian President Vladimir Putin advocated strengthening dialogue between Russia and the European Union, his natural partner said, and put forward a more active agenda to try to improve strained relations, which he said led to the collapse of trade. Speaking at a video conference at the World Economic Forum (WEF), after 12 years of absence from Davos, the Swiss ski resort, the Russian leader called for the avoidance of conflicts that led to two world wars in the past.

“The situation [between the EU and Russia] is abnormal today. We should work hand in hand to redevelop positive projects for common interests,” Putin said “Let’s not use the domestic political problems left over from the past few centuries to prevent us from moving into the future. We want to achieve that, but it can’t be one-sided, “the Russian president said.

In fact, the Russian regime’s treatment of Alexei navalni, the opposition, has greatly worsened Russia’s relations with the European Union. Navalni was attacked by novichok in Siberia, sent to Berlin for treatment, and detained by Russian tax authorities after returning to Moscow.

After meeting with US President Joe Biden on Tuesday night and agreeing to extend the new START treaty of nuclear arms control, the Russian parliament approved the agreement on Wednesday, which he called “the right” step. However, Putin warned that conflicts are multiplying and that if we stand by, the situation could “evolve in an unpredictable and uncontrollable way.”.

The Russian leader also warned that the current situation is similar to the 1920s and 1930s in terms of similar challenges and growing social and economic inequality, which led to the rise of populism and the increase of extremist movements. “In the 20th century, failure to solve these problems led to two world wars, and I hope that won’t happen now,” he said.

Like many other leaders who spoke at Davos, Putin warned that the size and influence of large technology companies would be threatened. “What’s the difference between a successful global enterprise that provides on-demand services and uses user data in an attempt to unilaterally rule society, replace legitimate democracy and limit the right of individuals to decide how to live, Free to choose or express what? The president stressed that he did not hesitate to ensure that these companies “have become actual competitors to the government in some ways.”.

Putin then had private conversations with some business participants on the forum, including online conversations.