President Biden’S First Week: A Series Of Measures To Overthrow Trump’S Legacy

2021-01-27   |   by CusiGO

On Sunday, in the quiet Georgetown District of Washington, more than a dozen beautiful black cars parked in front of the pink front of a fashionable sandwich shop called “your mom.”. This is the president’s caravan. It’s bringing Joe Biden to his Sunday mass. Then it’s back to the White House. It stops to get a sesame bagel full of cream cheese for the commander in chief, who waves to him from the window. On his fifth day in the White House, Joe Biden stayed there for five days, peaking in restaurant visits to the city compared with his predecessor. During his four years as president, Donald Trump knew only one way to an institution in the capital. He went to the barbecue in his hotel. Of course, this is not to say that the White House has no other resources to stop a crossroads in Georgetown to satisfy the ultimate desire of the world’s most powerful people for cheese donuts. But Sunday’s visit is an example of Biden’s first week at the White House: trying to get rid of his predecessor’s pattern in all aspects and bury his legacy as soon as possible.

Those who promise to build bridges for their political opponents will have to wait. So far, in his first week in office on Wednesday, President Biden has replaced the executive branch to reverse his predecessor’s most controversial policy, and in a series of decrees, from executive orders to more vague memoranda, Make a new route from the beginning, not through the Capitol. In addition to submitting a huge package of legislation to Congress to provide relief measures for the economy hit by the medical crisis, lawmakers will discuss $1.9 trillion. Joe Biden signed at least 37 Administrative Actions in the first week. There were as many as 30 in the first three days alone, 10 of which were explicit derogations from Trump’s policy. This is a record number for the president’s first week. Apart from bagels and changes in eating habits, these are some of the most relevant decisions the president made in the first seven days.

Coronavirus pandemic. Biden signed more than 10 orders in response to the health crisis. It ordered the establishment of a diagnostic testing board to increase the availability of tests across the country, and instructed education and health authorities to develop guidelines for reopening schools. He announced the return of the United States to who. It makes it mandatory to wear protective masks on federal property and then on public transport by another executive order. The role of covid Response Coordinator was created. It reinstates travel restrictions on covid, Europe and Brazil that trump lifted a few days before leaving, and requires passengers arriving in the country from Tuesday to provide negative evidence of covid-19 and undergo mandatory quarantine.

Environmental Science. On his first day in the White House, he fulfilled his election promise to revive the Paris climate agreement, which trump withdrew in 2017 at the expense of taxpayers. It blocked the construction of the keystone XL pipeline from Canada to the United States, which is controversial because it passes through Aboriginal lands. He announced that on Wednesday, when he is president for a week, he will sign an order banning fracking or drilling on federally owned territory, It will communicate with different federal agencies to determine the extent to which new transfers of crude oil and gas on federal land are rejected.

Equality and racism. He ordered his government departments to evaluate their institutions and reallocate resources to “promote equality for all.”. He signed another order to extend federal anti discrimination protection to LGBTQ collective members. The second week’s executive order bombed the vetoes of transgender people in the army. On Tuesday, he signed an executive order asking the Justice Department to stop hiring private prisons, a step toward fairness in the prison system and a fight against racial discrimination in the real estate market. He also signed measures against discrimination against Asian Americans to strengthen ties between the government and Native American tribes. Just in the first week, trump ended his veto on tourists from seven major Muslim countries.

Through ambitious legislative initiatives and a series of other executive orders, President Biden has been hoping for a 180 degree turn in immigration policy since the first week, making it clear that the United States will become the host country again. On the same day that he took office, he ordered to stop the construction of the wall on the Mexican border, which was Trump’s star promise. He ordered undocumented people to be included in the government’s 10-year census, and trump wanted to exclude them. It abolished Trump’s policy of protecting communities from deportation of undocumented immigrants. He submitted an immigration reform to Congress, offering an option to normalize the status of an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States, and plans to provide immediate permanent residency to dreamers, about 700000 young people who illegally crossed the border with their parents when they were minors. Age. The president also signed an executive order asking his government to take all steps to maintain and strengthen DACA, a plan to protect dreamers from deportation, which trump wants to cancel.

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