Murders In Mexico Are Down In The First Half Of 2020

2021-01-27   |   by CusiGO

Mexico recorded 17123 murders in the first half of 2020, down 653 from the same period last year, according to data released on Tuesday by the National Bureau of statistics. This is the first decline in the number of malicious homicides since the 2014-2015 biennial, to just under 10000. The problem is that the country’s record is stable at a very high level, far higher than President Felipe Calder ó n’s worst year of the drug war in 2006-2012.

The decline coincides with the first few months of the pandemic. Local governments across the country ordered the full closure of the activity in March, April and the following months, without completely limiting the population. The impact of the suspension in the second half of this year on record companies remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, the government, led by Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has insisted for months that the steady growth of murders in recent years has been contained. In October, security minister Alfonso durazo announced that murders in the country had decreased by 8.4% in the past two months. Durazo left the Secretariat at the end of last year and went to the governor’s office of Sonora state. He said: “this is a process of social disintegration, so we have to go through a process of social rejuvenation so that we can restore peace and tranquility. Our responsibility is to shorten the time of the social recovery process, and we are doing so. ”

Inegi figures also show the gender gap. Although there were fewer murders of men, there was a slight increase in murders of women. In the first six months of 2020, Mexico recorded 1844 cases of malicious killing of women, an increase of 10 over the same period last year. Since the beginning of inegi’s statistics in 1990, the number of women killed has been increasing every year. At that time, inegi recorded 704 people.

According to these figures, the murder rate in Mexico is 13 per 100000 inhabitants, down from the record in 2019. Anyway, that’s only half the answer for this year. Last September, inegi gave the final number for 2019. In 2019, Mexico recorded 36476 murders, with 29 murders per 100000 residents, the Institute explained.

These figures are higher than in countries with historically higher rates than in Mexico, such as El Salvador, where nearly 20 people per 100000 inhabitants will be murdered by 2020. Or Colombia, where the unemployment rate was less than 24 last year.

Just this month, l ó PEZ Obrador, taking Guanajuato as an example, mentioned the murder and violence in Mexico over the years. Guanajuato is one of the states with the fastest growth in murder cases in recent years. Of the 68 murders recorded on January 13, 19 occurred in Guanajuato, the president said. Similar to what durazo said a few months ago, l ó PEZ Obrador said, “we need to pay more attention to the problem of social disintegration and avoid scuffle and criminal conspiracy with the authorities, namely the city police, the city president or the City Council, the judicial authorities. We’re trying. “