During The First Meeting, Putin And Biden Spoke On The Latest Nuclear Agreement Between Russia And The United States

2021-01-27   |   by CusiGO

After four years of passionate personal relationship between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, the first conversation between the Russian President and new US President Joe Biden was “candid and formal,” according to the Kremlin. In his first phone call on Monday, the Democrat took a tougher stance on Russian leaders, stressed Washington’s “firm support” for Ukraine’s sovereignty, and expressed concern about the case of Russian opposition Alexei navani, The White House said the U.S. government’s massive cyber attacks and Moscow’s election intervention. With the latest treaty between Russia and the United States about to expire, Putin and Biden, who have no record of sympathy, agree to continue to expand it despite friction.

These warnings or concerns were not reflected in the Kremlin’s statement issued late yesterday. This is far from what the White House announced. The two leaders discussed the extension of the so-called new START treaty signed in 2010, which limits the number of strategic nuclear weapons of Russia and the United States to 1550 nuclear warheads and 700 air, sea and land ballistic systems, and will expire on February 5. Donald Trump has avoided renewing his contract and asked China to sign the agreement as well. Beijing totally rejected the idea.

But Biden said as early as during the election campaign that he supported the maintenance of today’s major arms control agreement between Washington and Moscow after the United States withdrew from the so-called inf (key short and medium range missile control treaty in the cold war). Diplomats extended the agreement for five years, as long as possible.

Now, the new beginning seems to have been completed. Russia’s lower house, the State Duma, is expected to reach an agreement and passed a bill on Wednesday to extend the term of the agreement. It must be ratified, and if the parliamentary process has not yet begun, the new START treaty may legally expire for Russia, even if measures are taken to extend it for another five years.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergei riabkov said on Wednesday that Russia was “ready” for new arms control negotiations and a “new security balance.”. “I hope we can make progress in this area, despite the difficulties and the background of our relationship with Washington,” he added.

The Kremlin said Putin and Biden were “satisfied” with the diplomatic efforts to extend the treaty. But despite the importance of the new strategic arms reduction agreement, the tone of the U.S. tone in the first phone call on Monday was also important, which officially opened relations between the two countries. Democrats also mentioned the case of the opposition Alexei navalni, who was arrested after returning from Germany to Russia, where he recovered from poisoning in Siberia this summer, which almost took his life, and then saw the hands of the Russian state.

In a statement, NATO said Biden knew that Putin had had had friction with Russian leaders during his time as vice president in the Obama administration, and he also discussed with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Monday the challenge of “dealing with a more credible Russia.”.

The European Union has already imposed sanctions on some members of Putin’s circle over the navarni incident, and pointed out that the attack was carried out without the knowledge of the Kremlin, especially considering that the Russian secret service was tracking opponents, in the case of a nerve agent for military use invented in the Soviet era.

The Democratic Party also has a long list of friction points with Moscow on the table. On Monday he took out some. Ukraine’s sovereignty after Russia’s annexation of Crimea and Donbas, as well as the large-scale cyber attacks on Russia by US intelligence agencies. Biden also talked about Moscow’s reward to the Taliban for killing American soldiers in Afghanistan, according to Washington intelligence. Democrats accused trump of not taking the case seriously.

The Kremlin does not want to re-establish relations with the United States, but wants to continue to let nature take its course. On Monday, Putin told Biden that “normalization of relations between Russia and the United States is in the interests of both countries.” the Moscow communique stressed that Russian leaders stressed that both sides “have a special responsibility to maintain world security and stability.”.