Canadian Parliament Calls For Proud Boy To Be Added To Terrorist List

2021-01-27   |   by CusiGO

Canada’s parliament voted on a motion Monday asking Justin Trudeau’s government to put proud boys on the list of terrorist groups. The New Democratic Party’s leader, jagmett Singh, proposed this initiative, which was unanimously supported by members of Parliament. The motion calls on the federal executive to “use all available tools to combat the spread of white supremacists and hate groups, and first of all immediately designate proud boys as terrorist organizations.”.

Proud boys, founded in 2016 by Canadian British Gavin McInnes, is an organization advocating the use of violence. It only accepts male members and shows strong nationalism, misogyny and anti Muslim speech. They describe themselves as “Western chauvinists” and are tired of apologizing for “creating the modern world.”. In 2018, when the FBI began to see it as an extremist group linked to white nationalism, McGinnis withdrew from the movement. Proud boys have caught people’s attention recently, because in the first presidential debate in the United States, Donald Trump refused to condemn white supremacy and even winked at members of the group, saying, “back off, wait.” They also participated in the attack on the United States Capitol on January 6. The current leader, Enrique tario, was arrested in Washington two days ago.

Proud boy has been active in Canada since its inception. In July 2017, five of their members broke out at an aboriginal group rally in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The incident had a wide impact, as some of the people present were soldiers. The Canadian Armed Forces pointed out that while this is not a “major threat”, they are working to prevent sympathizers or members of these groups from joining their ranks.

Canadian public security minister Bill Blair said on January 10 that they are collecting information about proud boys in order to identify them as terrorist organizations. There are different voices in Canada calling on the minister to take action after the Washington incident. After members voted unanimously, Blair’s office said that the decision to include an organization on the list of terrorist entities must always be based on the NSA’s analysis of all kinds of evidence.

The inclusion of proud boys on Ottawa’s list of groups considered terrorists (al Qaeda, Boko Haram, shining path, Islamic state, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, etc.) will mean increased monitoring of their activities, criminal sanctions against their collaborators, freezing of assets and illegal activities Strengthen information exchange with other countries.

The Canadian government has admitted for many years that it has ignored the threat from far right groups, focusing mainly on jihadism. Different agencies, such as the Canadian anti hate network, continue to report on the actions of these groups. This is the case with Odin’s soldiers, the order of the socialist state and the sheep.