Zanpetty, The Resignator

2021-01-26   |   by CusiGO

Ugo zampetti is usually a white haired man who appears on television about half a month a year. He is the Secretary General of the presidential palace of the Republic, an impeccable official who has held similar positions in the house of representatives for 15 years. Today is the shadow of Sergio matarella, head of state. In this tedious pamphlet, the story of the resignation of the current prime minister and the beginning of negotiations between the president of the Republic and the formation of a new government is usually written. Zampetti has done it four times since he took up the post, and he is heading for the fifth term Chief Executive.

Italy is used to living on an institutional volcano with a government eruption every 14 months. It is a kind of instability, which will make it impossible to maintain its dominant position in political construction. But a group of officials, unidentified politicians, and cabinet leaders moved from one executive branch to another, keeping secrets, and guiding a poorly prepared political class – zanpeti and Luigi dimayo – to do so together, Their only job is to guard a stadium, and they keep the country standing, despite all the turmoil, with 66 governments and 30 prime ministers since the end of the Second World War.

Like his predecessor, Gaetano gifuni, zanpeti’s tenure as Giorgio Napolitano is a perfect example. Giuseppe salvaggiulo’s outstanding book “IO sono IL potere” (feltrinelli, 2020) describes the true story of an anonymous head of cabinet who lives in about six or seven governments and is the guardian of the political fire in Italy. “He’s one of the most powerful people in Italy, even though he’s ignored like a retired teacher when he walks on the street.”

However, the list is long. Gianni letta, another great plumber and one Berlusconi has always trusted, has a close relationship with the Roman authority and Quirinal (he will act again these days). Today, Roberto chieppa, one of conti’s most loyal squires, is on the list, paving the way for him while the prime minister is still groping for power. Secretary General Palacio chigi is also a state councilor, a quarry for men and women of this kind. It’s there that we should look for a wall to support the country, and Filippo Patroni griffi, the current chairman of the Council of state, is the person all new politicians ask for a cabinet in Parliament. Approved by the Italian government. But they, like zanpetty, will stay there.