The Epidemic Of Lopez Obrador Has Alerted The Mexican Government

2021-01-26   |   by CusiGO

Half of Mexico’s government is on alert because of the president’s infectious disease. Members of the government choose to stay at home, wait for coved’s examination and prove that they are not ill. So far, none of this has happened, although other very close people, such as presidential palace spokesman Jess Ramirez, were infected in mid January. This shows that the epidemic has recently become extremely serious in Mexico, where just over 150000 people have died and 8521 new cases have been active in the past 24 hours.

Hugo L ó PEZ gatell, the Vice Minister of health, who is in charge of the epidemic, did not attend the daily meeting on coronavirus at the National Palace tonight. He did it at home through video conferencing. “Fortunately, I had no symptoms, ate well and smelled good,” he said. Other members also tend to protect themselves until there is evidence that they are in good health. In this regard, interior minister Olga s á nchez Cordero succeeded the president in the morning and answered questions from reporters. Sanchez Cordero said a rapid test had been carried out and the result was negative, and he was waiting for the PCR result. In the afternoon he reported that he also gave negative.

However, Lopez gatel said at a press conference that it was useless to conduct tests within four or five days after contacting the affected people, because “in this case, they are likely to be negative”, thus refuting this optimistic statement. The Secretary General of epidemiology, Jos é Luis alomia, added that before the incubation period, “symptoms did not appear and there was not enough viral load to identify infectious diseases.”. “Some (people who have been in touch with the president in the past few hours) have indicated that their laboratory tests are negative, but the second or third sample is recommended, so they are conducting home visits,” he added. This is the case with Prime Minister Marcelo Ebrard, who will be tested further next Wednesday.

Since the president announced on Sunday afternoon that he had mild symptoms, there has been speculation about when he will have his first symptoms. The reformer quoted sources from the presidential palace as saying he was upset on Saturday but continued on Sunday to St. Louis Potosi, where he opened the National Guard headquarters. According to the newspaper, he later flew home and saw him from the car. Without regular inspection, he had put on the lid. Alomia pledged that eight people have been identified who contacted the president during his Sunday visit, but that number will change as the Leon and St. Louis Potosi authorities report the findings. He said that in the case of flight, it is also necessary to determine the two rows in front of and behind the president’s seat.

Lopez gaitel did not want to elaborate on the symptoms of the Mexican president, who was accompanied by a medical team led by health minister Jorge alcose, and was detained in Palacio Nacion with his wife, Beatrice Gutierrez Muller, and his youngest son, both asymptomatic, as reported this morning. “The president is also a person who has the right to keep his medical data confidential,” the deputy secretary said. They will not be disclosed unless he chooses to share them through his twitter account or other means. “He’s known to have mild symptoms and a typical fever,” he said

Andr é s Manuel L ó PEZ Obrador, 67, who suffered from high blood pressure and heart disease, had a heart attack in 2013 and remained stable, “solving public affairs, coaching and attending some teleconferences.”. Just this morning, he spoke on the phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who reached an agreement to ship 24 million doses of satellite V to Mexico and allow 12 million treatments. All this is explained by the Minister of the interior, who is the constitutional person who takes over the country when the president is incapacitated.

The president’s illness has surpassed the vaccine that has been used in Mexico since Christmas Eve. Lopez Obrador has always said that he intends to unite and lead by example to show his confidence in vaccines. In October, he said that he would do it in public, which later became subtle, but he always said that when it was his turn, he would do it because of age and related diseases, a group, the elderly, he would take over in February. So far, there are 642155 people in Campeche, most of them health workers and 9149 teachers, which is the only state to keep the green epidemiological light. This is to resume classes as soon as possible.

In any case, the president never said he would be vaccinated as soon as the biologics arrived. Instead, it has been adhering to protocols designed to give priority to high-risk groups. If so, he will get a dose of Chinese cannino vaccine. In any case, the vaccine is not recommended for patients with Covey’s disease, Gettel said this afternoon. Asked about the agreement with Russia, Mexican national authority cofepris had not yet approved the creature, saying that “some administrative details are waiting for approval.”. He wants to guarantee a 98% vaccination rate to those who don’t believe they will receive the second dose in time: “who has identified the possibility of extending the validity of the second dose from 21 days to 42 days without risk or diminishing efficacy.” So far, only 28715 of the more than 642000 first vaccinated people have completed the cycle.

The president’s absence from Monday morning’s meeting is the most important photo, showing Mexico’s recent epidemic, which has been particularly virulent. Every morning’s meeting with the media is suspended for a few days almost every year, which coincides with the festival, but today Lopez Obrador is not on TV. His closest collaborators, such as Gaither himself, are also in prison, and absences have been occurring. Staying at home has completely entered the life of senior officials, some of whom, the president first, are very reluctant to wear masks.

With 1.9 million people infected, Mexico is one of the countries with the largest number of deaths and deaths in Latin America. For months, however, the government’s response has not always been commensurate with tragedies around the world.

What Lopez Obrador has been challenged in this epidemic is not personal honesty, but responsibility. The president belongs to leaders who don’t wear headscarves, such as Brazilian bolsonaro, who is also infected, or controversial Donald Trump, who paints a picture closer to divine immunity than human risk. In the past few months, the Mexican president has been repeatedly asked about his contempt for wearing a mask, which hardly appeared when he visited the United States in July. His answers always follow the line of Lopez gatell, who is also reluctant to use the lid or bet on the actual distance between people.

But in the past few months, the situation has changed a lot. Mexico is going through a very difficult period in the process of the epidemic. Hospitals in the capital and its surrounding areas are saturated, After Christmas, the death toll reached its highest level in the past few days, with the worst statistic of about 2000, due to increased contact with celebrations.

The head of government of Mexico City and 16 governors of 32 states have come through. A special protocol to protect Lopez Obrador was announced only after the presidential spokesman was infected on January 11. The interior minister said the president “will recover soon, soon, and he is an optimistic and responsible example, a leader who inspires all of us.” These compliments are common among people around Lopez Obrador. Now he’s infected with cowid, and what Deputy Health Minister Hugo L ó PEZ gatell said when he led the epidemic in Mexico in March still resonates with him when reporters asked him why the president continued to visit over the weekend, kissing and hugging without any protection: “The president’s moral strength is not contagious,” gatell said, perhaps one of his most unwise statements. As of March 16, 53 of the country’s 126 million residents had been diagnosed with covid and seven were hospitalized.

“Anyway, I take good care of myself, it’s a healthy distance; it’s embarrassing, because I’m going to travel to the countryside too…” A few months ago, a “moral force” recently became evidence that the president repeatedly tested for coronavirus. Millions of Mexicans are praying for the president on social media, and a few months ago, at a meeting in the morning, he showed what he said was protecting himself from coronavirus and other evil tramples and scapulas that plague his country.