Italy Fell Into A New Institutional Crisis After Conte’S Resignation

2021-01-26   |   by CusiGO

Italy is once again in a state of institutional chaos. It will form a fourth government in four years, which is the third government of this Parliament. In the absence of parliamentary support, Giuseppe Conte handed in his resignation to Sergio matarella, President of the Republic, on Tuesday morning, creating an uncertain situation in which the prime minister left as the most popular candidate to try to lead a new executive. But nothing is certain. The head of state will begin a round of consultations with the speaker of the house of Representatives on Wednesday and with political parties on Thursday to explore the country’s options, including early elections.

A month and a half ago, when Matteo Renzi threatened to overthrow the government, mattarella set a high threshold. He threatened that if there was a crisis, the country would take part in the election. However, no one is better than Renzi in political chess, and no one is more reckless than him. The Florentines smelled the bluff of the head of state, and he had to lower his demands on the political party and the count himself to avoid a large-scale election.

The fact is that Italy has just entered a crisis and there is no clear way out. It was I who avoided mattarella’s stage at all costs. Few voted, not even the poll leader Matteo Salvini himself, but he worried that his partner, George Melloni (from the far right brotherhood in Italy), was dangerously approaching him. However, there is no definite feasibility for any of the schemes currently under way.

The first option to be explored is the so-called conteter, his third term in three years. The resigning Prime Minister needs two weeks of senators (majority in the house) to form a specific parliamentary group and join the future coalition. Kant called them “builders” who will join the support of the five-star movement, the Democratic Party and the liberal Equality Party. But it’s not clear whether matarella will agree to give you the so-called “exploratory” task of this new device. He may once again ask for the participation of Italy Viva, the party that triggered the crisis by removing two ministers from the executive branch. If conti leads a new project, the numbers should be loose. That’s what quelling wants. That’s what the former prime minister himself said on Facebook. “My resignation is for the possibility of forming a new government and providing a promising plan to save the country. We need an alliance, as clear as possible, of European loyalty. ”

After recent events, Renzi’s return to the government to form a new government seems strange. But the political memory of Italy is still fresh, and his party has expressed its willingness to talk and not oppose any name. It’s not about candy. In other words, a month and a half after the crisis, a government of the same allies paralyzed the whole country at the most sensitive time in recent history, which may be almost absurd.

Conte knows that if he agrees to resign, he may be at a disadvantage in the game of Ren Gong, and only if the new CEO candidate is another person can he join and support the new CEO. Mattarella will know that in the next few hours and will have to start the state machine to find a solution.

There is no clear name yet. The winner should be able to meet the internal mobility of the five-star movement and the Democratic Party. There are only a few names that sound like Luigi di Maio, foreign minister and Social Democrat Dario Franceschini. These two now, for different reasons, seem too exotic. Even by the standards of this semester. Renzi also leaked the name of House Speaker Roberto FICO yesterday.

Forza Italia hopes that a government of “national unity” will get the country out of trouble. They said the election could be discussed later. Antonio tajani, the party’s main leader, and Silvio Berlusconi, jailed for heart disease, said he should include everyone, not just Italy’s living centre left. It seems to be a complex choice. Unless the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, chooses a European liberal model known in Italy as the “Ursula government”, who was elected with the support of the Italian Forum (Forza Italia), she has severed ties with her right-wing allies. “This is the most sensible choice. Italy can’t waste any more time, it has to regain a central position, “said a member of Berlusconi’s parliament and historic Party member.

Forza Italia will meet with mattarella and her allies and pledge not to break the deadlock. But Berlusconi’s game may be the lifeline of changing the dynamics of the game, as long as the Cavaliers get something in return. Deep down in his heart, even though he was 84 years old, he found himself the president of the Republic. But their commercial interests are always a currency. Although the ailing Berlusconi has asked tajani to hold talks with Italian president matarella, the best interlocutor at the Palacio del Quirinal in Italy is Gianni letta, the historic head of cabinet at the top of the mediaset owner.

If mattarella does not see any clear picture, there is no choice but to hold elections. This is the right request. They will make it to the president himself in the consultations on Wednesday and Thursday.

In the case of elections, a transitional administration will seek to pilot key issues that Italy will face in the next few weeks, such as managing a 200000 Euro recovery plan, and will vote in June. A situation to be avoided at all costs.