After The Curfew, Violence Spread In The Netherlands

2021-01-26   |   by CusiGO

The Dutch government refused to impose a curfew to curb the spread of the epidemic, arresting 184 people across Rotterdam tonight and injuring 10 police officers. It’s the third day of uprising since the measure came into effect on Saturday. It has been going on from 21:00 to 4:40, with hundreds of people robbing shops, burning vehicles, throwing pebbles and firecrackers. In the port city of Rotterdam, images of the robbery immediately spread on social media, with Ahmed aboutaleb, the mayor and Social Democrat, calling the attackers “shameless thieves.”. However, most people abide by the curfew.

There was so much tension last night that when an agent was surrounded by a crowd, he had to shoot into the air and prepare to disperse them with a water gun. Similar incidents have taken place in other cities. The National Police pointed out that the people who took to the streets were not protestors who used the constitutional provisions to express their opinions, but violent groups.

In the Netherlands, 952950 people have been infected and 13579 people have died.

In Amsterdam, the Hague, Harlem, denbosch, Breda, Tilburg, gaeling, almero or zwaller, the sequence of events is repeated: According to police, a group of masked people, mainly young people, took part in the attack when a burning car rushed into the driveway, while others used mobile phones to capture the scene. In Rotterdam, a policeman was injured in the leg; in Harlem, a journalist was hit in the head by a stone. At denbosch in the south of the country, train traffic had to stop for hours when the tracks were invaded by rioters. The city hall later called the incident “a kind of sadness, because the protestors robbed the city center by threatening their neighbors.”.

Some members also expressed surprise at incidents that had nothing to do with their country. “So far, robberies have taken place from other places, and it’s painful,” said whitesky posma, a Christian Democrat. Other colleagues criticized the “fire of destruction” left in the crowd and called on them not to “attack police and journalists”.

The biggest right-wing liberals in Congress point out that bickering cannot be called protest, but rather “destroying one’s environment at the expense of workers, health and law enforcement.”. Peace returned in most places around midnight.

In view of the rapid spread of the coronavirus variant found in the UK, the acting centre right government has agreed to impose a curfew from Saturday. It was the first time since the second world war that such a standard had been adopted, and the first protest over the weekend led to the arrest of about 250 people. Early yesterday morning, the police remained vigilant, but they suspected the scale of the attack and believed that the burning of vehicles, the throwing of firecrackers at the police and the robbery were copies of what happened two days ago.

Non essential shops and schools in the Netherlands have been closed since December, while bars and restaurants have been closed since October. During the three days of the curfew, 5765 people were fined 95 euros for violating the curfew.

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