Tyson And Marina Nunnes Discuss The Relationship Between Man And Nature

2021-05-25   |   by CusiGO

Marina Nunez is on display at the Thyssen bonemisa Museum in Madrid. Vanitas, a multimedia artist’s exhibition to retrieve and reinterpret the bodegon school, deals with the current relationship with nature from the perspective of Ecologism and feminism. Marina n ú Nez (Palencia, 1996) used 3D video, paintings, glass fragments and oil paintings to describe the relationship between human and environment.

Guillermo Solana, artistic director of Thyssen, said in a statement in the EFE collection that it was “a strange combination of eternity and great fragility in the museum.”. “This is a topic about the human condition and the core of this exhibition,” he stressed The exhibition, which runs until August 29, reflects the contrast between nature, humanity and change, “it’s a common theme.”. The artist admits that she “has an attachment to Tyson” and “it’s a dream to end here.”. This exhibition has saved a gender, reborn as a winner against oppression in the nature of death. ” “This is the smaller genre that female artists expect, because of different academic and social prohibitions, they are unable to create great works of myth and history,” Nunes said.

In an email to the country, parentina commented that she wanted the public to “see a speech expressing their admiration for Thyssen pinacotka.”. At the same time, Nunes believes that the exhibition is “a review of some portraits of the museum and the concepts behind them. It is an exhibition carried out by various means, including audio-visual means, but with a painting background.”.

One idea of this exhibition is vanity, a moral body that stresses the transience of existentialism. ” Flowers are still there, and humans are collapsing, which is an idea closely related to death, “Nunes said. Through the utopian image, a kind of relationship which is no longer conflict but “empathy and symbiosis” is also proposed. “Flower of heroes,” the artist continued, “is working on a project where women don’t draw.” They fight between them, against elements, even death and resurrection, “to quote these images from history. The idea is to bet on a person who feels more closely connected with nature. He describes the attempt of man as an anti Utopia of “control and domination” and a Utopia of “smoother” relationship with nature.

The exhibition was curated by ROC í o De La Villa, who wanted to highlight Tyson’s consistency in supporting female artists: “there is often a bit of performance, but it is later forgotten, and good gestures remain in a vacuum because of the lack of continuity.” Marina Nunez. Vanitas is part of the fourth edition of KORA, which hosts a gender based exhibition in the Museum Hall every year. Palomar navares, Christina Lucas, Yulia valdosera and cechu lavar have participated in this cycle.

Marina Nunez. Vanitas can visit the Thyssen Borneo National Museum until August 29, 2021. General admission from Tuesday to Sunday: 13 euros, students, pensioners and people over 65 years old: 9 euros. Monday is free.