Ricardo Gomez: “I Feel An Impulse To Tell My Own Story.”

2021-05-25   |   by CusiGO

On a Thursday morning in Madrid, few people recognized Ricardo Gomez (27 year old Corrado Villalba). When calitos Alcantara was found under his beard, Gomez waved cordially. Tell me what happened and he’s been fighting for his career all his life, even though he doesn’t deny it now (he left the series in 2018). It’s a special day: that night, his father Antonio Alcantara will die on a small screen. In addition, actors have only one day to premiere movies (MIA and MOI) and plays (pillow people). He played football when he retired (he wasn’t counted, but according to his teammates, he was a good striker with strong associations and support for the team), and allergic reactions made him respected. So it seems like a perfect day for someone who can see his entire childhood and teenage life – 17 – at TVE ordering.

“I kind of stuck my tongue out,” Gomez admitted His beard is longer than usual. ” I need it to play this play. In the movie “house among cacti” I just shot, I accepted it; It’s a relief. “Now, in a month, I’m going to peel,” he gasped. I was sweating all over the competition… ” He defines football as an oasis, a moment for him It makes me relaxed, I just need to think about putting the ball between three clubs, “he admits. He began to tear up his last work. Like Mia and MOI, the debut is in a suffocating play directed by her agent, Borja de la Vega, starring two brothers (he and Brune CUSI, their real-life partner) and his boyfriend (Eneko sagardoy) When things are born of love, they accept. It could be a disaster for the bulls, “he laughed. Finally, I tend to work with friends (such as Dravida, Juan echinovi, his uncle telling me who he played with, and Oscar Ebar, a veteran filmmaker with whom Gomez co authored and directed 40 episodes of tell me at the upcoming Malaga Film Festival), Because I like to create things with people I love and admire. ” Having said that, he recalled that they had “enough emotional intelligence” to stop talking at a bad time in the shooting process, “just like all shots,” before the situation investigation It’s solved. ”

About his cooperation with two Goya winners (summer 1993, CUSI; He saw only one anecdote. ” Because the prize is just a situation. They are the best actors of their generation because they are, not because they have this award. Bruner is a pure natural, Eneko squeeze you squeeze. I like to work with big people. Pique is an example. He is better with Puyol than without him She already has that feeling Because I have had many excellent interpreters since I was a child, such as 1898, the last one in the Philippines. ”

Are you looking for Gomez’s play to take him to the other end of the popular imagination created by his calitos, or is that so? Both. Daniel Radcliffe, I said with my little mouth, he’s my frame of reference. I always felt that what happened to him at the planetary level happened a little bit at the national level, “he reflected. The distance is obvious, but Radcliffe and Robert Pattinson are good examples because people survive the meteor saga. Anyway, everyone lives in a different industry. I don’t know if I can handle it. Although it is clear that it is difficult for him to re incarnate as a good son of a Spanish family during the transitional period. I like challenges, not repetition, and if I can produce these projects, it would be better. But my name doesn’t add money to the movie. ”

Tell me for the last time. ” I haven’t seen this show since I left. For the sake of mental health, please, I’ve been there for 17 years. Although sometimes my classmates would show me something, “he admitted, explaining,” when I came out, I felt that for many people, I started from scratch. I know I’m popular, of course, with all the baggage, but I have to fight in front of people I’m interested in as an artist. Because of the feeling that “the child has been found out.”.

If MOI is a very closed character, “someone who can’t express himself and say what he wants at that time in his life,” Michael, his disabled young man in Martin MacDonald’s pillow man, is on the other end. Interestingly, the most different people I met premiered on the same day. Because of Michael, because of his learning problems, being beaten by his parents and being imprisoned for seven years, he didn’t know what he didn’t know, or he was super sober and didn’t want to show it. He was talking all the time. He saw what he saw and heard what he heard. MacDonald is smart to the audience, but it doesn’t make sense. That’s why he’s a genius. ”

In the future, Gomez not only stands in front of the camera on the stage, but also aspires to direct I don’t want to sell the bear’s skin before hunting, but I want to see me there in a few years. I love acting, and I’ll never… At the same time, I have an impulse to tell my own story. “For many years, I’ve been accepting other people’s views,” he points out. “Now it’s my turn to present my views.”