And Madame De Sabl É

2021-05-25   |   by CusiGO

The origin of literary schools often disappears at night. But that’s not the case. We don’t even know the exact date of her birth. Or, to be more precise, Roberto caraso knows this, and he wrote an article about how to order a library (crossword puzzle, translated by Edgar Dobley).

It’s better to distinguish between criticism and comment. The former seems to have a higher level, while the comments are not so detailed and only introduce simple new works to readers. John Banville, for example, concluded a short review by saying, “Wow, wow, I made a very good, very strong piece of carpentry.” This will tell us that conciseness makes comments close to perfection, and criticism, even if it is just because of space or lofty conceit, can become indomitable.

That’s for sure: any comment inevitably carries a shadow of doubt. According to Banville, if you write well, it is interpreted as a product of the network of acquaintances, while if you carry the book, it is regarded as jealousy. So far, no one has found a way to remove the shadow of doubt from all comments, Caraso told us that the school was born on March 9, 1665, when the scientific journal journal des s à avans (later renamed journal des savants) published a short literary note, which served as a model for all subsequent reviews, written by Mrs. desabre, about a book that still enjoys undeniable popularity, La rochefoucault’s motto.

Mrs. sabre, who is a friend of the author of Maxim, has previously given her comments to Laroche Foucault himself. Of course, there has never been such a highly praised draft in the history of criticism, but the praised person, who must have been in Babia that day, or who was afraid of his friend’s words, condemned all the best sentences and weakened the power of others in his so-called “improvement” efforts.

Two centuries later, the satirical St. Bev will use his well-known malicious comments to say: “La rochefoucault, his evaluation of people is too bad, he changed his praise into a diary; It just eliminates what you don’t like. ” In fact, if we compare the comments published in cervance magazine with Mrs. Sabre’s previous draft, we can see that when seeking to “improve” what has been excellent, Roche Foucault deleted the most unforgettable sentence in the comments, which dramatically opened the article: “this is a paper on the mechanism of human heart, So far, so to speak, they have been ignored. ” Nothing is more radical and bold than these maxims, but the authors of these maxims did not hesitate to delete them, caraso said. Laroshfoucault was the first writer to comment in his favor. As far as we know, after her unique self mutilation, she has not been imitated much.