Roberto Santiago: “Children’S Books Convey Such A Sincere Emotion That Nothing Can Match It.”

2021-05-24   |   by CusiGO

When the football stars came to the bookstore in May 2013, their author Roberto Santiago (52) had no doubt that Soto Alto’s team’s adventure would have 19 volumes of palm trees, a film and a piece of music. ” In mid May, the writer and filmmaker commented in the lobby of a hotel in Madrid: “this is something I couldn’t imagine when I started collecting, and today I still think it’s almost a miracle.”. A blue stripe runs through his black hair, a reference for readers of a recently published book, the mystery of the football witch. Santiago has now formed a team with sports daily as to celebrate the 20th World Cup in a very special interactive adventure.

“Soon,” the author commented on the success of the legend, which sold nearly four million copies in more than 15 languages. The first two volumes were published in 2013. At the Madrid book fair that year, I met a very interesting thing: the children and the people who came to the first weekend were friends on the second weekend. I don’t think he’s a freak, but he did press a button The author emphasizes that his young fans always tell him that what attracts them is not football or mystery, but their identification with the characters. ” The kids came up to me and told me they wanted to be part of the football team, “Santiago added with a smile. I’ll like it when I’m 11. ”

Pakit and Soto Alto’s team will take part in their 20th adventure, the mystery of the golden mask, in Venice. However, as the creator explains, this is not the only novelty. ” It’s going to be an interactive novel, “said the madridian. Every Friday, we publish a chapter in the digital edition of as magazine, where you can read it for free. Finally, I give you three choices. According to the reader’s vote, I have 48 hours to write the next chapter. ” Santiago vowed that he had only written his first book, which will be published on June 28, and that he did not know how history would develop. ” Write 20 chapters in 20 weeks, “the author said. The results are scheduled to be released on October 11 and will be published on the sports news website until November 11, when the physical version will be released in bookstores.

Santiago can’t hide his great excitement and nervousness about the project One of my teachers, Juan Jos é millas, said he wrote with a compass, but without a map, which is how I wrote it, “the author said happily. Although they are mystery novels, I don’t do any structure or steps. ” However, he admits that he often rewrites a lot of things when writing novels, which is impossible here. ” Let’s see where readers will take me! ”

The author does not foresee the end of the legend, which he believes depends on two factors: the interest of the young audience and the sense that the story of pakit and Soto Alto’s team is still meaningful. However, he realized that one day it would end. ” I don’t know, but now I want to continue, “he said. Beyond sales, beyond movies, they are such real children readers, they convey such sincere feelings to you, there is nothing comparable. ”

What helps him avoid being exhausted in a football match is to alternate his work with other projects. The most recent is ana tramel, an adaptation of the police novel published in San Diego in 2017 and now a co writer again. ” It’s very therapeutic. “I think these changes between different genres and formats can translate into better writing,” the author reviews his films. In general, people like to classify you: it’s a who does children’s fiction, it’s a who does comedy. I was allowed to write very different stories, and I was lucky, “Santiago concluded.