Sergey Gansburg, Influential, Uncomfortable 30 Years After His Death

2021-02-28   |   by CusiGO

Sergey gainsberg likes to play Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. His legacy, 30 years after his death, is interpreted under this contradictory symbol, which is both bright and uncomfortable.

Gainsbourg is one of the last influential artists in France. He is a musician, composer, performer and poet. Since his death on March 2, 1991, his influence at home and abroad has been growing. He was 62 years old. He is also a person who may not respect a singer like Whitney Houston on TV, telling her in offensive terms that he wants to have sex with her, or singing love for his teenage daughter Charlotte in ambiguous words.

In 2019, Charlotte Gainsbourg, a 49 year old singer and actress, announced to the guardian: “I think now my father’s every move will be condemned.”. “Everything is so politically correct, so boring, so predictable. Everyone is afraid of what will happen if he goes too far. ”

The 1986 Whitney Houston episode is one of those videos that often appears on social media. Gainsbourg, in English, refers to the American singer sitting next to him: I want to fuck her. The American singer replied in surprise, “Oh, my God.” The audience laughed.

It was his last few years, and his truly popular years of success, in which he put on the public mask of the character he called Gaines Barry, an alcoholic alternative self, and paid for the scandal. In 1984, he burned a 500 franc note in a television interview, accusing the IRS of taking something out of his income.

As les inrockuptibles magazine says, many of the comments about the “problems” Gainsbourg may prove in 2021 revolve around a song that Serge and Charlotte recorded for the 1984 album “love at the beat.”. It’s called lemon incest, a pun made of lemon peel called “zeste de citron”. It sounds like lemon incest in French.

Incest is at the heart of the current debate on sexual abuse in France. The direct reason is “the big family”, in which the author Camille Kushner exposed the incest and abuse of his brother by his stepfather and famous political scientist Olivier Duhamel when he was a teenager. The book has sparked a wave of complaints about similar cases.

Reading the lyrics of Ramon incest will give us some inspiration. This is the suggestion of Chlo é Thibaud, who was born in gainesburg the year of her death and has just published an article in reliant Gainsbourg, proving that she is a poet with an accurate understanding of tradition and poetics. “The love we’ll never be together is the strangest, the most disturbing, the purest, the most exciting,” they said

“It’s very important to say that we’ll never be together in love and that people don’t pay enough attention to it,” says tipport, who emphasizes in the book that gainesburg “never committed paedophilia or incest.”. “Fortunately, problems like incest are solved and condemned today,” he said. “Unfortunately, such a song can’t exist, because today there is a huge censorship system, and this era is more radical.” Thibaud added: “lemon incest is a song, just like Lolita is a novel. What’s important is that in art, you can cross boundaries, solve taboo problems, and be provocative. ”

Charlotte Gainsbourg, in an interview with telerama magazine, said: “will records like this be more noisy today? I’m sure. Can you record it? Lemon incest is a declaration of father’s pure and innocent love for his daughter. There is no doubt that he plays with words and taboos, but isn’t his power there? “,

“You can’t put a person 50 years ago today and say,” what he did is shameful, shameful. ” “It was another era,” says Constance Meyer, the author of young file et Gainsbourg, a book about his relationship with the artist for the last five years of his life. When they met, she was 16 and he was 57.

“We have to be clear: in France, most sex is at the age of 15. I’m 16 years old. I found Sergey. There’s never been ambiguity, there’s never been a moving gesture. “No problem,” Meyer replied. “I fell in love with an older man, but it’s legal. He doesn’t like me. No problem. ”

Almost every day, on his way to work, Meyer passed by Montparnasse cemetery, where gainesburg was buried, and talked to him. The grave was covered with flowers. Another gainsbourgian shrine in Paris, with its graffiti front, is located at 5A fennel street and will soon open as a museum.

“I always thank him,” Meyer explained. “Sometimes I ask him to help me. I said, “I’m a little worried. Give me your energy.” Its work. I feel connected to him. “