Nick Kraft, Holocaust: Another Great Album

2021-02-26   |   by CusiGO

He called the album “Nick keff’s first studio album with Warren Ellis in addition to Nick keff and bad seed.”. But this is only relatively true. In fact, they have signed 10 soundtracks since 2005.

But, yes, it’s the first time they’ve signed on Al alimon, an album made entirely of songs. In a record company article, Ellis said eight themes stand out: “it’s an accelerated process, full of creativity. The eight songs appeared in some way in the first two and a half days, and then he said, “let’s make a record! “Yes. There is no premeditation for this “The record just fell from the sky, it’s a gift,” cave added in the same article.

Obviously, everything is inherently limited. In his home office. Then he met Ellis, whose music was improvised. It’s a bit like their previous bad seed album ghost (2019), but the result is totally different.

Because if you listen to kanaji, you may want to know what else he and Ellis have in common with their films or recent bad seed records. The answer is: neither. After skeleton tree (2016), it may be traced back to push the sky away (2013), which is the first album of bad seed. Besides the same cave, Mick Harvey is the last original member to stick to it.

In this album, Ellis joined the orchestra as a violinist in 1993. He was the right-hand conductor for the first time. The cave always needs an assistant by his side. It was a position held by the late Roland S. Howard, Mick Harvey, and Blix bagold, who was always furious, abandoned, or deported, but Ellis seemed to move freely.

Carnage, which will be released digitally on Friday and physically on May 28, will cover all of the Australian singer’s regular records. Although from the hand of God, some electronic bases ring, they seem to be playing radio head for a while. But since then, everyone else has been familiar with it. There are electric concertos, piano solo themes, Leonard Cohen’s Ballads (increasingly clear references in caves), Nana in the dark, Gospel Choir…

The lyrics, abstractly speaking, are full of trees, flowers, rivers, mountains and roads. There are several themes that repeat. Of course, love, the power he dug, softened with the passage of time (he was 63 years old), gave him a kind of liberation power, but also gave him an unreachable “Kingdom of heaven”, a kingdom of heaven to which he seemed to pray. God, of course. The distant God likes to see his creation suffer. In 2015, kraft fell off a cliff and lost a 15-year-old son. He suffered a lot.

This is a constraint disk. “I’m the one on the balcony. / I’m sitting in a chair with 200 pounds of ice in the morning sun /Put my tap shoes in the morning sun, “he sang on the balcony, and the song ended the album. You can almost feel him writing alone, pacing up and down the office, talking loudly, watching TV news. The way many musicians escape ghosts.

Kanagi is another solo album, created by a musician who always has a dramatic style but seems to be on the channel recently. He sang in the Lavender Garden: “I travel alone. / along a strange road. / through tall lavender fields, across the sky. / people ask me how I changed. / I say it’s a strange road.” This ambiguous “single road” can mean a lot of different things, which is the best description of a mature Nick Cave, and he continues to provide us with great albums.