Victoria April: “We’Re Guinea Pigs, Vaccinated In Untested Experiments.”

2021-02-25   |   by CusiGO

On Thursday, actress Victoria April joined in questioning the vaccine, the impact of the pandemic and the restrictions to prevent infection with covid-19. At a fierce film and Television Awards ceremony in April, the 61 year old Madrid man called the epidemic the “corona circus.”. On one occasion, he even tried to refute the death toll caused by coronavirus. He thought that the death toll caused by coronavirus was exaggerated compared with the death toll caused by other diseases such as diabetes or cancer. “We are guinea pigs now and are vaccinating. These vaccines are unconfirmed experiments. Not only don’t work, but we have more positive cases, more patients and more deaths! In April, cowide’s No. 19 vaccine was not mandatory, which gave her a sigh of relief. “It’s not an epidemic, it’s a ‘family planning’,” he added “I won’t cut my hair until I’m free again,” he said in a funny tone at the start of an event at the Alcobendas Art Centre, which is streaming.

“This is a crown circus, a TV brochure with pop 1, pop 2, pop 3 or English variants. Then the Californians, then the South Africans, and more seriously… Then there are Brazilians, and that’s what we do, “said the actress. April, who has lived in France since 1982, also criticized the measures taken by French President Emmanuel makron for depriving “100% of our fundamental freedoms”. “We’re not going to talk about this here because it’s my way of not interacting with anyone,” he said of the situation in Spain.

Ignacio Garcia de venueza, mayor of Alcobendas, Rosario Tamayo, member of the Cultural Council, and Maria Guerra, President of the Spanish film informer Association (AICE), are among the top three, When the actress’s speech became more and more intense, they were very uncomfortable. “The fear of the danger of death keeps you from living. There’s something worse than losing your life. That’s the reason to lose your life. That’s enough, isn’t it? April said.

April invited reporters to ask if he could take off his mask and speak, explaining that due to French restrictions, he decided to move to Malaga because “at least I can breathe there.”. He also said that he would receive the award at an award ceremony to be held at the Madrid theatre Stadium on Tuesday 2, allowing him to travel to Spain.

The conversation briefly shifted to April’s career as an interpreter who worked with almodova, Aranda and Diaz Yanes. He admitted that he had no work to do in 2021 except for a TV series in France and a project with Jarvis. “What I’m afraid of is not being able to work,” he said. The press conference ended with a joke by Marie Guerra, chairman of AICE: “Victoria, you’re putting pressure on us! “, “Both the association and the Fermo prize organizations are firmly committed to the health measures taken by national, autonomous regional and local authorities to combat covid-19,” the association said in a subsequent statement