The Charm Of Hannibal Lecter For 30 Years

2021-02-25   |   by CusiGO

“We started shooting. When he began to speak, Hopkins took out Hannibal Lecter’s tone and accent… I’m surprised because I’ve never heard him say that before. When they were cut off, even the sound engineer was scared. Thirty years ago, on Valentine’s day in 1991, the silent lamb premiered in the United States. When he arrived in Spain in late September, he was already shocked: it was a budget thriller (19 million dollars), and he recovered his investment in American cinemas in the first week (eventually more than 272 million dollars), In March 1992, the film became the third and the last to win five Oscars in film history: film, director, script (if adapted), actor and actress. Most importantly, he created a modern image of a mental killer. He is a serial killer of mental illness. With the help of Lecter, he has become an elegant, intelligent and cold-blooded person.

Few people remember it now, but lamb’s silence is a sequel. In 1986, Michael Mann adapted Thomas Harris’ first novel into hunter, which was the legend of red dragon published five years ago. This is the first appearance of cannibal Hannibal, Brian Cox (Hannibal’s name in that movie is lector, but so far, no one has explained the change). It was a failure when producer Dino de Laurentiis decided not to buy the film’s copyright when he edited the silent lamb in 1988. Gene Hackman did this to incarnate himself as Lecter and direct her, but his daughter warned him that he had too many violent roles. So his producer friend Arthur Krim, a producer at Orion pictures, bought half of it with Hackman’s rights, but worked on the project on his own. Legend has it that Paul Verhoeven received an invitation to lead the project, but today it seems impossible for a director other than Jonathan Demme to direct “the silent lamb.” he finally started with Roger Corman. “He succeeded in hitting all the sticks. In fact, you can’t label him because he doesn’t look American. “I’m as different as the rest of the world,” recalls Chema Prado, a former director of the Spanish film Hotel and a friend of New Yorkers, who died in 2017.

Sean Connery refuses to incarnate as Lecter, and producers think of Anthony Hopkins, thanks to his interpretation of doctors in elephant man (1980). As DEM explained to him, “Dr. Treves is as good a man as Lecter, but he is in a morbid state of mind.” For Clarice Starling, Durham proposed to Michelle Pfeiffer, who had just worked with her and married everyone. The actress hesitated about the role and gave an order that she would spend $2 million. This amount is over budget, and the next on the list, foster, who just won the Oscar, the defendant, accepted the challenge. “I fight for that character,” he explained. “We had an interview and finally he told me it was mine. Jonathan liked my determination.” Foster asked Orion to promise to make his first film as a director, little Tate.

“After that photo and promotion, I left behind a very humble image of Hopkins. He is an experienced actor, Shakespeare, I am young, personal growth. He came to be humble. Too much. I don’t know if I’m acting. Oh, my God! Yes, “Foster said. The interview took place on the anniversary and a few days after variety magazine published an online conversation between two interpreters, Hopkins also admitted his threat on the first day of filming foster. “It’s true, you can see that we love each other and we respect each other,” the actress confirmed. “My career, to the public, is closely related to your career. It’s my honor.” On the screen, the convicted assassin Lecter shared only four scenes with the young FBI Agent Starling; in addition, Hannibal appeared only in 24 minutes and 52 seconds. Because, in fact, the silence of the lamb tells the story of another killer, Buffalo Bill, who caused a collective complaint from lgtbi at the time. But at the heart of the plot is the relationship between a man who ate a liver from the census, “with some beans and a good Chianti” and an agent who “had a good purse and cheap shoes.”.

Harris built this strange friendship on the friendship between criminologist Robert kipper and the infamous serial killer Ted Bundy, who helped kipper investigate the crimes of the Green River killers in Washington. Hopkins shaped Lecter as a mixture of a friend in London who can’t blink when talking, a reptile (blinking at will) and Hal 90002001’s computer, a space odyssey, cold, smart, aware of everything around him. After spending some time with an FBI agent, foster suddenly thought of standing by the car and crying to relieve her tension.

With its implied violence, Kristi Zea’s design is based in part on Francis Bacon’s paintings, and the silent lamb is a horror film, although some people deny it. At the showeast conference in October 1990, when a pass ended, the courtyard on the seat was silent. “Don’t you think this movie is going to cause too much fear?” the screenwriter Ted Tully turned and asked DEM “, Nevertheless, Orion decided to postpone the premiere to February 1991 to avoid disturbing the promotion of her other jewel, dancing with wolves. That’s why in March 1992, when she won five Oscars (one of seven nominations), she became the first film to win the main statue through video, and the only horror film to win the film.

Thomas Harris didn’t want to be involved in the play. He is writing Lecter’s third novel Hannibal, which he does not want to tarnish anyone’s understanding of his character. Yes, at the end of the award season, he gave each winner a bottle of wine. Although Hopkins repeated Lecter’s words, foster did not return to Starling: in the cinema, she was replaced by Julian Moore. The Clarice series was broadcast in the United States a year after the silence of the lamb. Foster admits: “I haven’t met her yet, but I’m glad Clarice inspired so many adaptations. He’s a great character. Harris created him, and all our actresses performed to his size. But yes, I love her. I still have Clarice’s things on me