The Late Poet And Editor Of The Beat Generation Lawrence Fellingherty

2021-02-24   |   by CusiGO

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, a popular poet and adventurer publisher, turned his legendary City Light Bookstore into a shuttle and nest for the beat generation. Due to lung disease, he died at his home in San Francisco a month before his 102nd birthday. The beat movement, the sprout of anti culture and hippism, broke out in the 1950s and resisted the command of traditional American values (in jazz rhythm, through drug, sex and writing experiments of freedom and crime).

Ferlinghetti was active until the last moment of his life, because, as he said in a country interview in 2016, he didn’t like the word “retirement.” writers don’t retire until they can’t hold a pen, “he argued in the conversation, He has lived in his apartment since his wife died in 1976.

The City Light Bookstore is nearby. It is still a must see for readers all over the world. It is also the home of a small publishing house, which is still active more than 60 years later. On March 24, 2019, felinthe’s 100th birthday party will be held there. Almost blind, the father of spirit of the beat generation can no longer understand, would rather not go. He wanted others to celebrate him, though he had something to celebrate, such as publishing a little autobiography, little boy, about a child he described as “quite lost” on the front line.

So are the children of fellinghetti. He was born in 1919, at the end of the first World War. His father, an Italian immigrant who runs a small real estate company, died shortly after he was born. Before his second birthday, his mother was sent to a mental hospital. The future poet was raised by a distant aunt, He passed through an orphanage and was adopted by a wealthy couple who saw potential in that child – a Dickensian childhood that helped him defend the loser as an adult.

Interestingly, he grew up in New York, and it wasn’t until 1951, when he crossed the United States and opened city light in San Francisco, that he kept in touch with those who would be great writers on the east coast. The bookstore became a magnet for writers. Ferlingetti is older than them and supports a less crazy way of life, but he still accompanies, publishes and defends the great Beat poets. He founded a small publishing house and published Allen Ginsberg’s “aulido” in 1956, a Bible against mainstream culture. In 1957, the publisher was arrested and charged with printing “indecent works” mainly because of the homosexual images in the book. After a long media trial, he was acquitted. The world discovered Ginsberg and the beat generation. The legend of fellinghetti was born.

Opposing censorship is one of the greatest achievements of felinghetti. He advocates free space for creativity and is allergic to the prevailing Puritan conservatism. The other is the beginning of the independent publishing revolution. The message of city light to radical and innovative writers is that if the big publishers in New York don’t listen to them, they don’t have to worry.

He himself left an important work as the author. Although critics think he doesn’t match his friends, great writers like Kerouac, Corsica or Ginsberg himself have written dozens of books. Island of the soul (1958) is one of the most successful poems in American literature, with a sales volume of more than 1 million copies. From direct language, writing and jazz accompaniment recitation, this book is a landmark journey from poetry to street.

He criticizes the irony of American culture. In his poem, he compares the disaster of Goya war with the American scene after World War II: “we are the same person / we are just far away from home / on a 50 lane highway / on a concrete continent / there are tasteless posters everywhere / they show us Stupid fantasy of happiness. ” Time makes island of the soul not only a title of great cultural significance, but also a classic of modern poetry.

When she was a child, she moved with him to Strasbourg, where she studied French instead of English. Back in the United States, it wasn’t until she found a job as a tutor at the Presley and Anna bislan families in Bronxville, New York that our lives became easier. They were educated by little Lawrence, who ate up all the books in his library. He combined his love of epic poetry with street prose, which led to several episodes of juvenile delinquency at a strict boarding school in Massachusetts. This feeling of abandonment affected his literary taste.

He earned a degree in journalism and fought on a submarine in the North Atlantic during World War II. As a soldier, he went to Nagasaki shortly after the fat man atomic bomb hit the Japanese city. “It’s like setting foot on the moon. Destruction is absolute. Seeing this, I immediately became a pacifist, “he recalled in a state interview.

Before moving to San Francisco, he graduated from Columbia University’s literature department and came to Sorbonne, like many post-war Bohemians. “If there is one, I am the last bohemian, not the first to be defeated,” he told the guardian in 2006. “But somehow, what I really do is take care of my tent.”