Tony Hill: “I Try To Understand The Perpetrator”

2021-02-23   |   by CusiGO

Tony hill is back with grijalbo’s goodbye to the dark, a novel whose plot and quality make her one of Spain’s best black novels (death toy or ice angel’s summer). Barcelona writer, born in 1966, commented on the novel and selected several novels to help him think about death and crime. That’s it.


Theresa Lanza’s dark goodbye, Tony hill, grijabo.


-Night train, Martin Amis, puzzle 1998.

-Sweet song, Lila Slimani, Voltaire. Gongkaote award 2016

-Life and death, Joey Williams, Alfa Dickey, 2014.

-Icestorm, Rick moody, 1994 novel by debate.

-Crime, Ferdinand von silach, salamander.