Daft Punk, The Popular Electronic Duet, Broke Up 28 Years Later

2021-02-22   |   by CusiGO

Daft Punk, a French electronic pop group, has parted ways after nearly 30 years of activities. Pitchfork, a reference publication for independent pop and rock music, announced this. This is Katherine Fraser, the representative of the organization, who confirmed the news to pichford.

Daft Punk, who hasn’t spoken in person, released a video called “epilogue” on youtube, including in the 2006 film “electricity.”. The data kept fans watching until Fraser confirmed that it was the end of Parisian common cause.

Stupid punk is made up of French Thomas bangat (45) and guy Manuel dehome Cristo (46). One of their characteristics is that they never show their faces. They always wear helmets. The band has only four studio albums and began their homework career in 1997. His suggestion is to make electronic music with pop music forever. In discovery (1999), they released singles, which have been successful over and over again, whether it’s digital love or more difficult, better, faster and stronger.

In 2013, he published his latest work random access memory, including the song get lucky, which is the most successful song in his career. They rank first in sales in 30 countries, including Spain, where they sing with Farrell Williams and Nile Rogers, the legendary leader of chic, the core band of the disco explosion in the late 1970s. In fact, get lucky is, in a way, a tribute to studio 54’s night albums, which are also a tribute to George morerod.

With his farewell, he lost one of the most influential bands in recent years. They were able to break the barrier between electronics and pop music, attract all audiences, and even appear in films such as MIA Hansen Rove’s Eden. They directed their own animated films and five stories of Interstella 5555:5secret 5tar 5system (2003), as well as novel films that premiered two weeks at Cannes Festival, such as electro MA (2006).