Bull In Front Of Cliff: Rancher, Bullfighter And Businessman, Missing

2021-02-21   |   by CusiGO

Where is the matador? Where is the employer? Where’s the rancher? You can’t see their hair. Quiet, scared, hidden…

Everyone is working for the anti dragon people; everyone is on the railing watching Taurus slowly sink, they are silently beaten, blocked, irresponsible, as if this story will not affect them.

In the history of the bulls, the bulls have never experienced a more dramatic moment, and the Tauren have not used a finger to stop this perfect storm, which seems to be designed by the most fierce enemy.

It is true that the solution to the unexpected pandemic is not in the hands of Tauren; the hope of 2021 has indeed faded over time, but there is no explanation that the world of bulls is disappearing, passively waiting for the vaccine to return to normal, no one knows. When or how possible.

The party is indeed in danger of disappearing; it is a good reason for the whole bullring to stand up and unite and demand from itself and from different governments in order to energize a dying and intensive care programme.

A few days ago, actress concha bellasco said at the Queen Victoria Theatre in Madrid that despite the difficulties, she would open the curtain every afternoon so that she would not lose her hobby. The 81 year old stood on the stage.

In El Toro, everyone is in their winter barracks, some more comfortable than others, but everyone is waiting for the environment and time to solve an increasingly complex and complex problem.

It is not clear, for example, whether the squares in Madrid and Sevilla will open at some point a year after they are closed.

How could Simon Casas, Rafael Garcia Garrido and Ramon Valencia not have expressed their strong intention to celebrate at sales and masters as a necessary condition for hope?

How do you explain that bullfighters are not at war in front of the Tauren community in Madrid and the Royal cavalry in Seville, so they are the owners of the square and the first people interested in opening it?

Are these figures willing to charge less? Where’s the rancher? And subordinates?

Why don’t the hard-working News Department of bullfighters knock on the door of TV programs to prove the existence of bullfighters?

How can matadors not resist the situation that seriously threatens the end of bull Festival?

Some people say who cares about the party.

This deafening silence swept through Taurus today, which is the best proof of a traditional sense of loneliness. This tradition seems to disappear more than ever due to the indifference of the protagonist.

Because the pandemic is no longer the poison that kills Taurus; the enemy is the passivity of those who live by it.

By the way, a crisis committee was set up last year, composed of representatives from various departments.

They held a two-day meeting at a farm in salmantina, and last Wednesday, they issued a statement that was enough to get all the participants to run around on Alcala street.

Lidia’s bull foundation, the publisher of the note, said in its title that the purpose of the meeting was to analyze the beginning of the taurine season.

The full text is as follows

“In accordance with the agenda of the meeting, the crisis committee adopted a number of conclusions for adoption by associations:

1。 In response to this difficulty, the committee was reconstituted as a standing committee of the Department and agreed to expand its composition in order to be more representative while maintaining the necessary operational flexibility.

2。 Analysis of tourism transformation projects in 2020:

-A review of the accounts will be made public as soon as the two delayed bullfight cycles are over.

Research on the optimization and application of generating background in tourism reconstruction

3。 Lay the foundation for the reconstruction journey in 2021 until normal activities begin.

4。 Parties undertake to adapt their activities to health constraints as far as possible.

5。 Analysis of the measures taken to revitalize and revitalize the taurine sector.

The meeting was held with the knowledge of the health authorities and in strict accordance with the existing rules. ”

According to the supplement of EFE, attending the meeting were: Antonio barrella and Oscar Martinez labiano, representing businessmen; Inigo Farrell and Jose Pedro Prados, El fundi, representing bullfighters; Antonio banuelos and Lucia Martins, representing ranchers; Angel Luis Prados, representing subordinates; vittorino Martins, representing farmers, Christina Sanchez and Borja Caderousse, Lidia bull foundation.

Could it be a duller, more mysterious note?

Can anyone guess what the agreement is, if any? Where is the solution?

What are you trying to hide?

Are they just talking about the money for the reconstruction trip?

It seems impossible to make baskets out of these wickers. With these representatives, this darkness of thought, this absolute lack of transparency, and worse still, the bullfight will not be able to recover from the lack of a unified strategy.

The crisis committee is clear proof of the party’s failure.

With this committee, with these matadors, ranchers and businessmen, we don’t have to intensify their attacks, keep the PSOE fuzzy for a long time, and let vox see the light.

With these representatives, Taurus has a expiration date. The question is whether he’s around the corner.