Belako: It All Started With An Abandoned Factory In Mungia

2021-02-17   |   by CusiGO

Bellaco singer Cris lizaraga, 29, recalls the metallurgical plant where they first rehearsed: “it gives us freedom, time and the ability to make noise.” He talks about this in the first episode of the documentary origin, by son Estrella Galicia, which premieres next Thursday with belako and commemorates the beginning of settlement groups. In the recording, belaco’s members return to the band’s community to end their journey with a performance. Lizzarraga admits that when they first met there, they didn’t even know what style they were going to play: “josu and I have been talking about music at Basque National University, talking about art in an almost obsessive way, and he had an idea of forming a band with his sister. We will meet on March 15, 2011. ” They did some versions, but soon they had their own theme.

“Space promotes industrial sound. We don’t have too many ideas, but we manage a group identity, which is entirely due to Joshua’s grandfather and the legendary old factory, “he explained, clarifying another important aspect of his identity: they want Bellaco – made up of her, Jos é Simon bilrabetia (30 years old), Lore nekane billilabeitia (26) and lander zalakain (28) – are both plural females.

It all happened so fast. In the same year, they played at a country party. They wrote about eight songs in two weeks. “We made our first album before we knew it. We find that we have a lot of creativity and potential together. We have creative effervescence, “the singer said. With this energy, they launched their sixth work, plastic drama, in 2020, which ranked among the best works of the year in some media, including American media.

So far, they have shared the stage with artists like porthead, the two door film club, placebo or Nick’s cave. They also won the rne critic’s eye award, the rolling stones revelation award or the Independent Music Award (min) for best artist, best director and best video editing.

Back to where they started, back to down to earth. “We went on a long way because Joshua lived across the street. Especially in a year like this, it means reconciling or reiterating yourself where you come from, “he said, admitting that” it’s very gratifying to have a starting point. “. His partner, nekane billlabeitia, sums it up in one sentence in this episode: “Glastonbury is far from the mungia party.”