This Is Their Happiness

2021-02-16   |   by CusiGO

He had to see, though he was great: laughter began to gallop on his open and raised hands, rising from the arms of venturo, labrigo and the working class, straightening his chest, exploding on the face of Rome, which was already the face of a senator, growing up like a smile and vanishing in his shrinking eyes, Although he laughs quietly, or convulses for a long time, he hardly expands in any noise. Joan Margarita’s enthusiasm and vitality is a model. It’s not suitable to be an incarnation of life here, but he crams it all into a pile of books with his own pace. These books reveal a poem of wisdom, truth, bravery, analysis and warmth, never succumbing to emotional blackmail.

The temptation to believe that your last book is coming to an end is high, but I won’t invite it. It will be a form of superstition that always uses Margaret as a tool to understand and explore the past and present of forest animals. This is the title of his last book. Just two or three weeks after it was written, he was spoiled and revised it with a stubborn attitude that he could neither overcome cancer nor chemotherapy, but he knew it would be his last book. He knew this without doubt and accepted it without pity, for there was no trace of sympathy in these last poems, but an unusual, luxurious, powerful encouragement to celebrate life at the end of it. Who doesn’t think that death is because he doesn’t know what life is? He will say one of the words. I don’t want to find it in his words now, because this way of arousing it is fair to him.

There is a rumor of death in this soul stirring book, which does not cast a shadow on it, nor does it bring the heavy ending to its poem. Instead, it is an alert, restless and vivid action to illuminate its own experience: generosity, the joy of language discovery, reflection without warning anyone, and even the realization of the dream of understanding, Better understanding. Bosk’s animal is not his own epitaph, but a variety of sober and alert, when almost everything is conspiring to yield to the modulation of the most sentimental, even complaining. Complaining, Joan? Never: it’s not pride that stops her from complaining, but temperance, moral wisdom and perseverance in life. This is what she undertakes in her intimate bankruptcy and festival celebrations: “happiness helps them get rid of poverty”, just like a permanent and lifelong shield, It’s like there’s an indivisible land nesting there, and it never loses its vitality as a poet or as a person.

That’s why “emmualegria EM EM EM EM EM EM EM EM EM EM EM EM EM EM EM EM EM EM EM EM EM EM EM EM EM EM EM EM emĀ· Joanna’s memory and the life of her grandchildren are also included in a book, which is singing and Elegy, just like Margaret’s life: an extraordinary person always feels uneasy and silent about the role of a poet, We were delighted by his sweet words when he was last very popular, and with laughter, yes, he awakened our favorite people from the center of the forest.