Joan Marguerite’S Unpublished Poem Moving Indifference

2021-02-16   |   by CusiGO

The country proposed an unpublished poem left by poet Joan Margaret, which will be published by VISO press. It is part of the BOSC animal / forest animal manual.

I thought I was alive

Time to understand why Honda

No longer exists. I compare

Selflessness, forgetfulness,

With the extension of sleep time,

Think of the houses we used to live in

We’ll never come back.

I thought I understood,

It got me out of trouble.

But I don’t know

I have no freedom. It released my death,

Allow, indifference

Let me get closer to the truth.

What’s puzzling is that it makes me excited.

Think they will be in time

Deep listening means

From deixar d’existir. How to compare

AMB El selfless, l’oblit, deep voice

We live in situations where we don’t hurt.

He believed that anava understood,

Let anava alliberant my riddle.

Maybe Mott Lenny, nkara, I know

Joe doesn’t love me. My death:

Excuse me.

I’m obsessed with some truths.

What’s puzzling is that I’m excited.