Painter Alberto Regella Goes Deep Into The Sky Of Art Van Der Nier

2021-02-15   |   by CusiGO

One of the most outstanding works in Tyson’s collection is the bright moon night scene and the path by the canal painted by the Dutch aert van der neer from 1645 to 1650. A few years ago, Guillermo Solana, the museum’s artistic director, suggested that the Segovian painter Alberto reguera, 60, create a series of works around the museum’s masterpiece. The result is 21 small and medium-sized paintings, 10 of which are on display at the viewing platform inside the building from today to May 9.

Regra is an artist who lives and works between Madrid and Paris, consolidating his career during his long stay in Holland and Norway. Regella loved painting, felt connected to the great French and Asian landscape architects, and was grateful to Spanish Lucio mu? NIOS and Rafael Canoga.

Aert van der neer’s planks (35.6 × 65.5 cm) are now surrounded by the contemporary night scene of regra. In the works of Dutch masters, the moon and cloud are the main characters of each painting. “For me, the most important thing is its sky, when the horizon falls to the ground, the night light fuses. There, I also saw the similarities between castilia and the Dutch when the fog met the land, “regra said.

In the room where he performed with the Dutch masters, regra explained that he did not want to copy van der Nier’s paintings. “I think I’ve written a puzzle full of abstract imagination of the moment when light and cloud merge.” By making each of his paintings an object with his own identity, the artist brings his contemporary view of art. To this end, he expanded the width and thickness of the canvas, extending the edge of the canvas to the three-dimensional view of each work.

This is not the first time that regra has used the sky as the theme of painting. “The sky of art van der Nier,” he explained, “for me, this is a beautiful turning point in the history of painting in the journey to heaven, and its precedent will be a century ago, in the blue of patinell, and will continue in a few centuries, James Arthur O’Connor, Karus, Christian Dahl, ivazovsky and Grimshaw. I’ve been working on the cloud problem because it’s one of the most abstract elements I’ve ever encountered in nature

Like an old master, regra used the skill of an experienced alchemist to make pigments and then spread them on the cloth. He added: “in Madrid and Paris, I still find that there are two stores selling basic pigments that I later experimented with and worked with.”. “Later, I was facing the painting and always used spray paint or spray paint to capture the movement of clouds in the competition.”

However, the projection of painting is always controlled, it looks for a specific effect on the audience. In one of the paintings, dark or light, ochre or blue will dominate according to the visitor’s observation. Regra explains that this effect is achieved through the use of metallic pigments he has been using for a long time. “Copper or silver is rainbow colored, depending on where the audience is looking. According to the incidence of light, the same pigment can be regarded as dark or bright, and provide different visual effects for the same landscape. There are many lives in the same painting. ”

In autumn, the full version of the series, 21 works, will be displayed at the University of Hong Kong Museum. Since 2007, regra has exhibited in Asia, Singapore, Seoul, Shanghai and Hong Kong. It will be selected into the 8th Beijing International Art Biennale in 2019 and will be displayed in the EU delegation to China in 2020.