Juan Usley: “Modern People Know The Best, Not The Best.”

2021-02-12   |   by CusiGO

Juan usley, a 66 year old Santander Reno, never denied the painting. When Spain began to say that the painting was dead (this is a frequently repeated mantra), the creator left New York to live in the mid-1980s and “met the painting expression related to the city”, which is also closest to the city, such as abstract expressionism. Since Friday, in Valencia’s “Bomb clan” exhibition, Dutch artist Willem de Kooning’s influence has been noticed in some of his ten-year paintings, despite the abstraction of one of Spain’s most influential artists, USL é, It follows a special journey, it is through the river’s interior and important landscape and emotional meanders.

“I’m a man who loves painting. I’ve never died, let alone now. This painting is alive. If it has an emotional component, an important thing, its shape and design, do you remember what your research or design said? There is an attitude of resistance. In Spain, we have a sense of inferiority and we are very aggressive. To be sure, our generation lacks too much information, and modern people are the most knowledgeable, not the best, not the smartest, “he told the country in the exhibition hall of Juan USL é’s works of the 1990s. Eyes and scenery, you can see until September 12.

Accompanied by his wife Victoria civera, the artist moved to Brooklyn, where there was still a mythical atmosphere around the city across the Hudson River, especially among artists. “You thought New York was where it happened. Now it’s happening to one person because we’re locked up. In addition, with the Internet, you can see things happening all over the world from anywhere at the same time. You don’t have to go to New York, as long as your mind is open and your soul is very closed, “he explained calmly.

In 2002, he won the National Prize for plastic arts and held personal exhibitions in the museums of Queen Sophia in Madrid, Ivan in Valencia and modern art master Stevie tunludwig in Vienna. Usley now lives between Saro (Cantabria), benissa (Alicante) and New York. Its recurring themes are ocean, water, river and landscape, which are reflected in the exhibition, which brings together about 55 paintings, most of which are large-scale paintings produced since the 1980s, as well as 13 paintings never exhibited, plus some photos.

The starting point of the exhibition is three works collected by fundaci ó per Amor al’art, the owner of pumbos gens private center and Vicent todoli, the consultant of the center. Nuria enguita, former curator of Tate Modern Gallery in London, is the curator of exhibition. She is now the curator of ivam and former head of gens bombs. In his speech this morning, todoli stressed that landscape is his central theme, and the existence of rivers is regarded as “the horizon of dreams and fantasies” in many of his works.

In this regard, usley points out that “life is like a river, like a line in a picture,” is “the kind of emotion that makes you think about what you can do.” The creator emphasized that the bomb clan did not seek “the result of aestheticism”, but “strength”. In addition, he also shows “how happy it is to see these works now after the inevitable fear of looking back and knowing that we are going to face works and facts that we hardly remember.”

He also recalled that he had studied art in Valencia, where he met his wife in a house close to the former hydraulic pump Art Deco factory, which has now been restored and transformed into an art center. Susan Lorette, vice president of the foundation, and Sandra gimares, the center’s current artistic director, also participated in the exhibition, attracting many galleries, critics, artists and journalists.