Foo Fighters And 15 Other Rock And Pop Albums Are About To Be Heard Now (February 2021)

2021-02-10   |   by CusiGO

2021 is a year of hope for a massive restoration of live music. Glastonbury English Festival has been cancelled, and its date is set at the end of June, which is not good news for the festival to return to normal. Music is always recorded when the live performance department regroups (and breaks down). At the beginning of this year, there are some albums worth recommending. Like these…

Who are they? United Nations veteran rock bands: Romantic singer Wally Palmer; car guitarist Elliot Easton; Chesterfield kings bass player Andy babick and blonde drummer Clem Burke. They released an album in 2014 and are back now.

How about “the second album”? Considering the background of the members, you can expect two things: a well played album and a love of melodic rock guitar. They won’t be disappointed. A delicate job in execution and absolutely interesting results. recommendation? Who, the Beatles, soul, the Department of defense… In one of the songs, remember days like this, singing Ringo Starr, sounds like wilbury on the road. It’s just good news.

Who are they? The amazing story of how a drummer became the greatest rock star. This is Dave GroEL: from playing with sticks in nirvana to singing, playing guitar and composing in a band with direct destroyers.

Is midnight medicine that good? Rock is still a living genre. Foo Fighters succeeded in speaking for themselves and creating a universe of their own, even though they were a classic scaffolding band: Guitar / bass / drum / sound. Whether it sounds aggressive (not mine) or dancing (in midnight medicine, they are reminiscent of David Bowie in let’s dance), they maintain a unique brand. It’s nine songs, 36 minutes, and when the big director comes back, they will work well on a large scale.

Who is this? Power pop reference. Born in Georgia in 1964, swift spent his golden age in the 1990s, creating a large number of works, such as “girlfriend” (1991) or “100% fun” (1995). After nearly ten years of creative crisis, he gradually adapted to it.

This is a good catswat? This album reminds me of the jewelry composer I’ve been waiting for or sick. Besides singing, swift also recorded all the instruments (except drums). Musically speaking, her model is Neil Young’s rehearser of “Crazy Horse”: it’s a record of guitar sparking, but at the same time it sounds beautiful. These are the poles where candy has been moving.

Who is this? The biggest of the Gibbs brothers, they wiped out Biggs. Barry, 74, watched his two brothers die early: Robin, 62, and Maurice, 53.

Is the wizard of Oz: a collection of Gibbs brothers’ songs (Volume 1) that good? In the late 1970s, the success of biggis was so crazy that people tended to think it was a record only band. No, of course not. Born in the 1960s, they are a hit pop band and have been tapping their vocal potential. In this album, Barry Gibbs plays part of biggie’s repertoire with singers who like country, American or folk music, such as dolly Patton, Alison Krauss, Jason isbel, Keith Urban or Gillian Welch. And the lovely Olivia Newton John. This is a record you can listen to with your head shaking. Some people will call it sinful happiness; here, we like to call it a kind of happiness.

Who is this? Angelo Sanchez, an example of a coherent, committed and independent career.

How about Hirudoid? “The day I forget to smile is a lost day, lost, lost. / the day without music vibration is a lost day, lost, lost,” anpalanoa sings in a day without, which defines the artist’s philosophy. In the year of kabisbacho, Andalucia, a wrestler, recorded an optimistic album with some energetic lyrics and rhythms she had been cultivating: Reggae, border rock, CAMBIA, all using electronic devices, because respecting tradition is compatible with today’s sound. By the way, the title of the hymn is “get rid of hypnosis through hymns that connect us to emotions and rhythms.”.

Who is this? In February 2019, seven women published articles in the New York Times accusing Ryan Adams of harassment, which brought his career to a standstill. Adams initially denied that. After hiding for a year, he asked for forgiveness: “I can’t express in words how I feel about the way I abused people in my life and career. I can only say I’m sorry. ”

How about Wednesday? This is his forgiveness album, which starts with a song called “I’m sorry, I love you” (I’m sorry, I love you), which says, “I remember you before you hated me.” Whatever your attitude, this Wednesday is a great album. Adams, with Neil Young’s pitiful voice, almost always accompanied by an acoustic guitar, was furious in several songs. The question is whether one can learn from the musician’s past behavior and appreciate the song.

Who is this? He is one of the most important figures in country rock in recent years. Steve Earl (Virginia, 66) has been through drugs, prison, seven marriages… But nothing is more painful than the loss of a son, and this album is from this album.

Is this a good “j.t? Justin Townes Earl died of an overdose in August 2020. Just a few weeks later, his father, Steve earl, wrote a song, “last words,” about their last conversation. It’s heartbreaking to hear her now. This is his only song on this album. The other ten are by Justin Townes, a great musician who left eight records. You can imagine Steve Earl’s great confusion in recording these themes. However, except for the last painful sentence, Earl wanted to kill his son with almost always festive entertainment.

Who are they? A group from Denmark believes that the music of Liverpool 60 years ago was the best. Of course, the Beatles are there.

“Let’s do this” OK? The characteristic of this record is that when it starts to ring, it will be bright until the darkest day. Energetic songs, smiling folk songs, harmony… These are the themes that remind us of other people. But if they’re so good.

Who are they? Rivers Cuomo is 50 years old, but he still keeps the college nerd lifestyle. This is his world, almost always colorful.

Is this a good person? You won’t be tired of creating bright pop songs, sticky melodies, happily beating in your mind over and over again. In this short album (30 minutes), it omits one of Weiser’s identification marks (guitar) and replaces it with the arrangement of the orchestra. It could have been a boring record, but violins, cellos and trumpets all like songs with the same pop repertoire. “My favorite songs are slow and sad. /All my favorite people drive me crazy, “he sings in all my favorite songs. Cuomo, when you dance like a madman, you are a master of weighing.

Who is this? A 20-year-old British singer, his father is Nigerian and his mother is Canadian. After a series of singles, hardliners have given up. This is their first song.

Is “falling in the sun” that good? It’s a debut, announcing an artist to follow. Pax sounds as modern as he says. He writes about crying surrounded by beauty, about the complexity of a sensitive person in an alisco environment. An aftertaste of pop music, dancing in moderation, like Bjork taking a sedative, or Tom York stopping a thousand of his songs. Or like thad.

Who is this? 33 year old American singer. He practices complex souls, and his lyrics provide power and sex.

Is there such a good “health story”? Sullivan talked about the oppression of patriarchy, which ended some men’s sexual images of women. The songs in this album are separated by the stories of little women, who tell about this experience. If we don’t count these episodes, we have eight themes, driven by Sullivan’s flexible voice, that are as inspiring on the theme of dancing as the song of pause. Soul now, evangelism, R & B quality, hip hop soft. A necessary theme album and pleasant music.

Who are they? Some popular kids from Birmingham didn’t know anything at first, and two years later, in their fourth album (1972), they didn’t even know the money in their bank account.

How about volume four? “We recorded this album in Los Angeles. Guitarist Tony Iommi commented on the work. With distraction, we all know what that means. Still, it’s a great job. The Sabbath strives to open up the focus of sound, as can be seen in songs such as changes, a theme ballad with no electricity and love, or the introduction of acoustic guitars. The heavy ID is there, but now they want to experience it. Reprints provide a menu for picky heavyweight diners. Four glasses of wine and five glasses of wine. In addition to the ten best sounding songs in the 1972 album, there are also unpublished themes, direct songs of the time, variations of the album songs, photos, explanatory texts…

Who is this? Baltimore born musician, who settled down in New York and spent some time in other bands, where he was not the main character, played his first solo with this soulful meringue.

“Introduction…” is that good? To listen to this record, you have to have a high sugar falsetto in your ear. With the help of Dan Auerbach, the leader of the black key band, he completed a work with the theme of smoke Robinson, which runs through the soft soul, gentle dance, gospel or blues in style. nice to meet you.

Who are they? Thanks to the albacet Quartet, this is their seventh album with important international influence: it’s performed all over the world and never fails.

How about “Angelus patrida”? If the band’s music is already aggressive on this album, they will go further: faster, louder, more angry messages. The long development of ten English themes, 46 minutes of impetuous rock.

Who are they? There’s a strange way that bands work. There is no fixed alignment. It’s a music group driven by Australian guitarist, businessman and pilot David Lowy and has been the only one since its inception in 2013. Since then, the musicians of guns rose, whiteneck, Ozzie Osborne, cult, skinny Lizzy… They’re not leaders, they’re hired instrumentalists, they’re veterans with a thousand battles on their back.

Is holy land that good? Roy was recruited for the fifth album of dead Daisy by Glen Hughes (69), a long-standing hard rock singer and bassist who, among other things, appeared in deep purple. He kept Hughes a sensational voice, despite the age based record that would convince fans of classic hard rock.

Who is this? A 29 year old singer, guitarist and pianist from Los Angeles, she brought us back to the golden age of Laurel Canyon. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, everyone walked around Hollywood hill with a permanent smile.

Is the magic mirror that good? Carol King’s nostalgia, Steve Nix’s flywood Mac, Steele Dan, eagles… Magic mirror will be his main album in the next few months. When the world is a happy place, guided by Charles’ warm voice, soft rocks and bright songs. Listen with flowers tied to your hair.