Jonathan Rufer: “The Soul Of Spanish Painting In The Golden Age”

2021-02-09   |   by CusiGO

Timothy Snider, an American historian, thinks about his British colleague Tony judt’s book 21st century: “people are like huge underground caves, which we haven’t explored, rather than digging directly on the ground.”. When another prominent Englishman, Jonathan ruffer, 69, meets him in different fields, such as finance, philanthropy and plastic arts, it’s hard not to go back to the heart of the sentence.

It’s more exciting to talk to this enthusiastic 69 year old than to look back on this life track full of talent, entrepreneurship and human sensitivity. Maybe that’s why it’s comforting to hear from Rufus today when a pandemic hits the world. After all, how many successful businessmen, with a realistic and modest attitude, preach that no one needs more than 20 million pounds to survive and turn practice into the embodiment of Judaism and Christianity’s principles, in which selflessness, generosity and concern for common interests prevail?

But Jonathan, who grew up in London, grew up in North Yorkshire and studied in public schools, began his career as a stockbroker and later became a senior lawyer, banking, corporate finance and strategic investment expert, certainly from his father The world’s main reference to philanthropy: the famous William rasburn VI.

“I have a collector’s gene, and I think the desire to collect things is usually masculine, because when we miss a girl, we want to have her, just like when we meet a work we like, we want to have her, which is certainly not a noble thing. But because I suffered this evil, I acted as if it was a quality, “he assured the nation with the wisdom and noble humor typical of the brains of British genius, while at the same time immersing himself in another passion of his – Opera – especially the Spanish voice, From the doorbell to the mystery that enveloped them, it was unexplainable.

“The French are interested in elegance, the Italians in beauty, and the Spaniards in truth. That’s why Spain has its golden age. So naturally, if you like Italian Baroque aesthetics, you will like it. If elegance can attract you, you will think the French are special. But if you care about the truth and the soul of things, that time in Spain was extraordinary. Even for me, who live in a joke, I have a theory that if someone wants to know that a gender is real, they have to observe whether they have a sense of humor, “he added, with luster and elegance, which is his trademark.

But Rufus, who spent 18 million euros to avoid the scattering of a series of key paintings by Francisco de Zurbaran and to decorate the wonderful castle they lived in, was not interested in collecting them because it was a mechanical and snobbish act, but here it was a habit as natural as breathing, Reading or smiling. So, though not pretentious, he explains his fascination with the great Spanish painting: “I’m a man driven by a desire for knowledge, I systematically accumulate knowledge, and in fact, I think it’s a compulsion. But if it wasn’t for Anthony mould, the dealer, he wouldn’t do it, With his extraordinary vision, he has been the influence and basic guide of 250 to 300 works in my collection for 15 years to keep them as they are, “said the Cambridge graduate. Despite his modesty, he admitted that there was no doubt that he could easily provide a historical background for the excellent art he appreciated and collected, From Baroque style in continental Europe to British landscape design.

“When I buy a Spanish painting for the Oakland castle in the Bishop’s village of Auckland, my job is basically to protect it. But when I buy a French Baroque painting, I do it purely for myself and for myself,” commented one coolly, who has invested a lot of money in his career It is no longer to protect art, encourage painting and encourage the work of curators, but to help others. It is precisely because of the authenticity of their spirit that Rufus dare not decipher with the opposite details of true philanthropy.

Rufus is a fanatical artist, he did not get due attention in that era, but there are also holy monsters like Thomas Gainsborough and George Barrett. Rufus is a liberal, he hates the Pope, he often thinks that “painting is thought”, and claims that “looking at life through other people’s eyes” is right Be able to “see each other’s difficulties.”.

Married to Dr. Jane Sequeira, a descendant of the famous Isaac herique Sequeira, Jonathan admitted that many of his London contacts would certainly classify some of his adventures as “stupid” and assured him that it was a good way to eliminate their seriousness and perhaps scale. But no one can say that this gentleman is orthodox. He generously poured his wealth into the place where he grew up, because the construction of an 80 million pound historical theme park near his castle is another of his projects.

At the end of the conversation, he had time to express his pride in the purchase and return of Jacob’s sons, a series for Spain and Spain around 1640 Judaism is an irreplaceable heritage, the castle has always been their refuge, it is so closely linked with the Church of Durham.

With a warm smile on his face, the green sweater is still English style, and the plaid shirt below, as well as a series of beautiful semiotics and philosophical expressionism reflections. When analyzing some works that make him happy, Jonathan did not hesitate to praise the silent navarret, and hoped that he could become a flag: “these are the things Humans are fascinating. On the one hand, we are worms, but on the other hand, we are higher than angels. This dichotomy is interesting, and if there’s any proof of art, it’s that it’s bigger than all of us. As a species, we really need such greatness. Because if people think they are teachers, they will become dull, boring and numb. But when they know something incomprehensible has power over them, they find themselves. I think that’s what I did. “